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Thanksgiving: an attitude of gratitude

The celebration of Thanksgiving came into my life in 2007 and since then I have tried to have the attitude of gratitude every day and times of my life.

In November 2007 I worked at a company that celebrated Thanksgiving with an ecumenical celebration. That year I organized the celebration, food and drink, the timetables and the guests, without ever in my life have celebrated Thanksgiving.

The celebrants were a priest, a pastor, a gospel singer, guitar players and berranteiros of the Church of Aparecidinha. Around those people, all employees of the simplest company owners prayed, sang and celebrated the gratitude. We’re not talking about religious denomination, but rather an attitude of gratitude for our life.

I remember that I got very emotional, I cried a few times and I prayed a lot for my mother and my father who had left us there was little time.

That year was hard, thank the grief, the pain of loss, the difficulties that followed hurt still strong. But, that’s celbração I believe I began to heal. I gave thanks to his chest open for every moment I had with my father and when a garish touched it was like he was there with me, in the simplicity of the backwoods.

From that year, every last Thursday of the month of November I celebrate my Thanksgiving and November became a special month for me.

Already in 2013, in the USA, I could feel the biggest attitude of gratitude in my heart, I was on honeymoon, traveling through beautiful places I never imagined meeting and there was a feeling inside of me: the gratitude!

I was thinking about all the difficulties I had in life, in the madness that life had become after the death of my Father. I saw flashes of how was the celebration of my marriage and my family, my kitties waiting for me at home and I was more and more GRATEFUL and HAPPY!

I could not hold the laughter and the tears, to be more far from where my dreams might go.

We went to dinner at a simple restaurant and made our first Thanksgiving celebration as Mr and Mrs Sharma.

Thanksgiving is a day that taught me to stop to pray and just say thank you for everything, including by the difficulties. That was the day I realized that the gratitude give me strength!


As the above image: “give thanks sincerely, not only helps us to recognize our blessings, but also opens the gates of heaven!”

[Tweet “”dar graças sinceramente, nos ajuda a reconhecer nossas bênçãos e abre as portas do céu!””]

I wrote this text snippets in 4 February 2014 at 16:11, I had lost my first Baby-Kitty Frida, the pain was so great that I almost couldn’t stand. But, I did remember to thank for everything that a small pet changed in his short spell for my life.

Over time I realized that Frida came into my life for a purpose and it made me feel at home again, be family.

Today, 27 November 2014, I’m going to celebrate another Thanksgiving next Dear to our family very happy, we have another daughter to be together with Fritz the joy of our House.

We spend 2 years of Frida this Christmas, so for the day not be sad she from heaven of the cats sent us the Fia, our small, to cheer us up.

I realized that the gratitude gives me strength and hope to create in me, every day, this attitude of gratitude that can feed the happiness and cure any pain. I hope this attitude of gratitude make me walk more confident, lighter, no strings attached or any bad feeling that lasts more than a few moments.

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