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Self-esteem and beauty standards

Self-esteem and patterns of beauty surround us all the time. Self-esteem is linked to everything we do, we are and how we behave with each other and with us.

The self-esteem and living standards of beauty in our head. Making her a battlefield, enabling the strongest possible emotions.

Have you looked in the mirror and found not beautiful?

  • Already panicked proving the clothes from your closet, not liking anything and thinking that it is their lack of beauty?
  • You don’t see good in any photos?
  • It is common for you to want to dress up and feel like (seem to) those girls of Instagram, the TV, the magazine?
  • Have you ever wanted to look in the mirror for once and have the feeling of ‘ wow, I’m really hot “and not the” real “I’m not pretty?

If you answered no to these questions, all right, this is not for you.

I answered Yes to all the questions and I don’t think I’m alone in this world.

Once in a while, I’m still trying to blame the clothing, the color, the fabric, but in the end I find myself thinking: “I’m so ordinary, normal, not pretty, my body, these dark circles. Affeee enough with the mirror. “

There is a well defined line on society/blogs/culture/world about appearance and standards. Or do you fit or not.

I don’t fit in. I’ve never fit in, for several reasons.

This created a feeling-terrifying monster that only increased social pressure over the years.

Who do you know that feeling you know the pressure becomes internally and turns into a crushing force our personality.

This will force pushing us and slowly looked at the standard “acceptable” and we want to be inside her, at any cost.

We wake up opens the closet and choose that clothes that look good in the outfit inspiration of Pinterest. “But, don’t work on me because I don’t have that kind of body, you know?”

The simple makeup of every day is made to ensure that the skin glow. Or at least it looked like it was going to be naturally good at tutorial. “Oh, my skin is terrible, I really need a lot of makeup, go.”

If you do picture for internet, little makeup is nonsense. Need to cover everything to have perfect skin and look like a TUMBLR GIRL. “Oh and send more makeup you’re little.”

Puts, but I need those pants that make everyone thin and beautiful and high … “Ah, but my thick thighs do not enter them. But, I’m going to go try and buy a larger size with a strap because my butt’s immense. “

There at lunchtime, come to think of it. I need to fix my diet and try to live without chocolate, sugar, lactose and gluten. Wow how to eat well is expensive, right? It is not, I should be poor even, Oh taking tea and lots of water to alleviate hunger.

A peek at Instagram before bed, with the lights off, no fluffy duvet and decorated room. “But, why I can’t have an image and perfect life? Maybe, I’m not for admiration. Nothing works well with me, nothing is the same as the perfect Lady blog feed X. “

“I think some were destined to watch the parade and other confidence and beauty in the world.”


Thus is born a person dissatisfied with herself.

But, no, not the end.

Every day we can fight against the standards of beauty. And, especially, against these destructive thoughts.

The only thing that is under our control is ourselves and our thoughts. All we can do is try not to compare us, we don’t slow down and don’t let us down.

I also face these thoughts and sometimes they win. But, I was worse.

I’ve felt that 24 hours a day, I’ve allowed myself to be diminished by people thinking they were right about me, my weight, my body, my clothes, my intelligence, my future …

At some point in my life I stopped crying hiding. Lost opportunities for finding good enough or adequate enough. [Tweet “Eu engoli o choro junto com o suor das minhas lutas.”]

I stopped doing my thoughts my enemies and to make things more difficult for me all the time. I took it and I stopped following a galera in Internet and stopped with some magazines, too.

Since then I have put my personality at all and I make no apologies for my chosen paths. I accept the style that holds me every day that I wake up different.

I assumed qu is a choice not to let me down. It is because of a change in weight, a loss in job, an unsuccessful relationship.

  • I have the power to avoid thoughts of defeat when don’t enter in bikini, in dress, in my pants.
  • I take control of my mind to not let me overthrow by “friendly advice”. Those criticisms full of bitterness in disguise.
  • I have the power to not go to dark places of my mind, even though the “circumstances” Please take me there.
  • I have the power to react positively to negative circumstances or simplesmenta keep my inner peace.

It’s not so easy to do as it is talking about. We’re almost conditioned to destroy our self-esteem behind the outer standards.

But, believe me, you can change this key. All it takes is practice, patience, and love with us.

One of the ways I have found to change my self-esteem and beauty standards was to create an exercise:

I remember quickly of situations where my self-esteem and beauty standards threw me down. Where I felt frustrated, dimuida, useless.

Then, I think, for a few minutes in ways to deconstruct it, revert the thoughts in my head and do statements like: “this situation happened, I grew up, I learned from her, now I’ll move on better than I was before.”

Seems forced and it’s almost that reprogram a memory.

I change negative phrases that I said or heard about me, for positive sentences. Bring awareness that I’m the best that I can be today, tomorrow I become even better.

Remember a situation in your life.

Think of all the times that a situation destroyed his self-esteem, made you feel frustrated and screaming at herself in the mirror crying for hours.

Instead of reacting the way you normally do, try saying to yourself that you’re bigger than these issues.

Do this several times every day.

No negativity is worth a second of our lovely 24 hours. Believe me when I say that it’s not worth it I learned that the hard way.

Find your acceptance.

Post your photos on Instagram because you simply can’t resist how well you got on your clothing.

Use makeup to please.

Find your voice in your personality and put her out.

Believe in you if you are seeking 3 < more info to not feel alone in this world, I recommend this Geledes.Org text that talks about standards of beauty, self-esteem and feminism.

I’m doing this for me, every day a little and write it here gave me an immense strength, thanks for reading!

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