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How I made my DIY wedding: Step by step!

My DIY wedding was one of the greatest projects of my life! When I decided to marry we lived together for 2 years, we wanted to have a party and all the adjectives but the money was short and we have bills to pay.

 It was not easy, but I managed to make my DIY wedding and I want to share a bit of how the preparations were.

Maybe, will help a bride to be?

When I got married, making DIY wedding was not so fashionable. I faced the challenge knowing that it would not be easy, for my perfectionism and that I would have to do everything all by myself.
Family, friends and close people did not believe it was possible
to Make A DIY Wedding, they said that it was the invention of my head. But, I already had an idea of how I would like it to be my wedding and I started researching.
  • 17 months before the wedding

When I began to have an idea of how I wanted to marry, I began to research the cost of marriages in my area.

I have seen budgets of more than R$ 100 thousand (BRL) in ALL identical weddings in the photos, a standard format. So I decided that I would do everything I could on my own and that I would have a meaningful and exclusive marriage.

I've made a spreadsheet for planning the wedding and planned all possible expenses, and, without scamming, I did everything in accordance with my possibilities.
I closed the date, I chose a Friday afternoon, until my marriage no one I knew had been married on a Friday and even more so in the afternoon. I made the guest list in 3 days, without a break and being practical, I just wanted friends and family (still the list got huge).
I began to direct my research to the style of marriage I wanted and I already had an idea of where I would like to get married.
  • 15 months before

I closed the space of the ceremony and the party, a place where I could do everything there with freedom.
After more research and tastings, I closed the buffet. I found one that met all my requirements (French service, cocktail, and dinner, with simple menu and drinks).
The buffet was my priority, so I closed well before and did not skimp. You must choose an item to be your priority, be it the venue, the dress or anything else.
  • 12 months before

In the meantime I went to the ABC bridal salon I met suppliers of all kinds and got many cards. I've come back to a few vendors later and these fairs are great for that but do not fall for the tale of the unique opportunity for the fair, just close if it really is something that has won you.
Photography and filmmaker – I closed a deal with the 1st team that I knew and I would have a 2nd team yet. Then I had to stop and breathe a little (to pay the bills, right?). It was a strategic break, to start paying for the most expensive things.
I planned to, in a few months, do not close any contracts, but visit several potential suppliers to only know them and decide me later.
  • 10 months before

I started gathering glass bottles for the decor and planning the honeymoon, listing package options and gift quotas. I decided to do everything all by myself, so I was able to spend less than in travel agencies.
I chose the godparents, pages and checkers and the color chart that I would use in the decoration. I made myself 😀 the art of my wedding invitation, with the help of a friend who has worked as a designer, because I wanted to vectorize a single image and that nobody could copy, I personally chose the fonts of the visual identity and the printing paper of my invitation.
  • 8 months before

I started looking for the ideal clothes for the groom, children and me: of course! Here the research was quick because I already knew well what the "dress code" of the wedding would look like.
I choose the DJ, stage lighting, musicians for the ceremony and the 2nd photography team.
  • 6 months before

I choose the makeup artist and hairdresser in the city of Mauá (where I lived). I started buying the decorating items and making the handmade souvenirs.
I closed the groom's clothes on a tailor, had 2 suits tailor-made, and together they cost the price of renting a fake here in my area.
I chose the list of songs of the ceremony and with the help of the person in charge of the choir we had an idea of what would be the great moment: with prayer and much meaning.
  • 4 months

I looked for a graphic designer specializing in wedding invitations and I closed the printout of everything: invitation, tags and individual invitations. It came out much better by closing everything together, but I researched a lot before closing.
I closed the bridesmaid's dress and pageboy – without the mothers of the children, remember that I said I did not have help? It was tense!
I chose the bridesmaid dresses with them at José Paulino, my 3 bridesmaids chose knee-length dresses and I thought it was great that they were comfortable.
I bought my hair and jewelry accessories.
I ordered the " candy" in a studio in my region, with a great price because I met them at the fair and was talking to them a long time, at the time of closing rolled discount!
  • 2 months

I closed an unconventional advisory, I found a team that would be my staff. No conventional advice accepted the fact that I would make my decoration on the day. I hired 3 people to be a support team myself, they were my arms and eyes.  I agreed with them that only 3 hours before the wedding I would leave the scene and I would be the bride and it was done!
I tried several dresses, from the most expensive to the cheapest, and did not beat that love. I chose to have a unique model, imported by me from Australia, which reduced my cost by 80%.
I bought my shoes and those of the fiancé, in the same mall and we still use it today. In 45 of the second time I bought a second dress for the party, I waited to know if the expenses would be in the limit.
We decided to make the honeymoon: we bought the tickets and made the itinerary with 3 international destinations.
  • 1 month before

We marked the civil register and St. George church confirmed that it could celebrate the blessing of marriage outside the church.
I made the party kit: posters for photobooth, faces, mustaches, plates and etc. Here I already knew the flowers I would buy, how I wanted my bouquet and how I would decorate it in the day. My tip is to make decisions, make choices, but be flexible if you need to change them.
I bought my dress for the civilian and did the pre-wedding rehearsal, I used the photos of that day in the decoration. We hired a beginner photograph here from the ABC that burned in the photos and so we closed with it the cover of the civilian that we would not do.
I also bought some gourmet for the cake table, it was an ABC candy that made delicious burgers of pistachio, traditional strawberry, coffee and lemon that decorated the table.
  • Some days before

In the last days, I finished cleaning the bottles and my uncle and godparent helped me paint. We all decorated in his house where several people came to help, some people who did not even know me.
I bought little shoes as gifts to my guests, they arrived and I glued one by one in the tags.
I hired a team of bartenders to have a bar of drinks, I gave as a gift to my Excellency (and me) with a nice of funds!
My sister-in-law sought the groom's bow tie on March 25, which I was almost forgetting.
  • 1 day before

It was just the two of us and our mothers getting married in the morning, then having coffee and focusing on the final preparations.
The dress of the party arrived on time, I did not despair because I would easily use the same ceremony, but I was very happy with FedEx the day before the wedding at my gate.
I looked for the girl's and the pageboy's clothes and the gallons of helium gas for the decoration balloons.
I closed the lodging of the honeymoon trip and the car to take us from the airport to the hotel in the first city. All of it 1 day before, in the greatest calm. I was monitoring the prices I knew I would catch the smallest if it closed that day!
At 11 o'clock the day before the wedding I left home in a beaten van and went to the CEAGESP to buy flowers: I came home at 05h in the morning and at 08h I was on my way to the place to get married!
I started arranging the arrangements on the bottles, the buffet staff set the tables, my husband carrying the banks of the ceremony. The dears Wanderson and Jéssica (hairdresser and makeup artist) helped me with the arrangements, the staff (3 women and 1 man) arrived and set the rest the way I asked.
I was very well disposed of, with dark circles, but I chose the best makeup artist I know to handle it and I did not feel a little sleep.
A few hours before the wedding, I said goodbye to the groom and would only see him again at the altar.
We got separated and he took his bath in the reserved room and I still relaxed a few minutes in the tub.
And at the last minute, I invited my brother to accompany my mother and take me to the altar.
During all the preparations and especially on the day of the wedding I heard several times that it was amazing how calm I was and how everything was at peace. That was very gratifying!

Wow, it was well worth it, did you see? I did everything the good and my best, without hanging myself to pay.

Planning a wedding alone requires a lot of attention and dedication. There are no ready-made formulas, you'll need to figure out how to make it happen.

But, believe me, it's tiring, it's hard, but I had a DIY wedding for 250 people and I did not even spend close to the R$ 100,000 BRL from the first survey.

I found a website today, unfortunately, that I have already married. But they have a lot of beautiful photo of DIY wedding to inspire you (click) and everything that It's all I've said about Wedding is here on the blog (click here)

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