Hi, I am Lis, a Brazilian blogger since 2005. I started to write when I went to technical college. I was studying Advertising and I used to write about the new world of beauty, information, and inspiration that I was knowing.

I’m graduated in Communication and Information Technology. My skills was always half-human knowledge and half exact sciences. I love studying and needed two colleges and numerous specialized courses to consolidate my career and vocation.

I started my career very early, for some years I’ve been worked as a freelancer in Advertising and Communication and nowadays I’m Business and IT processes consultant.

It was from the experience with the blog I had the opportunity to work for agencies like W3Haus, AskMe, and BlueBox. From experience the creative marketing planning I completed my resume with amazing names to whom I owe much gratitude.

At the beginning of the advent of social media, when there was the concept of influencers and no one had the exact notion of the digital communications power, I was building this market with these agencies. Working directly for clients such as Cyrela, Apothecary Group, Kraft Foods, Mondelez International, International Meal Company, Dass Group, among many other holders groups of exceptional brands!

It was also through the blog I started writing professionally and recorded works for: Style, Elle, and Piccadilly, iMaster, Media 8 and Obvious Mag.

In 2012 I did a specialization that has given me opportunities for growth in technology and business processes and I returned to work as a consultant in IT multinational companies and started my own company to provide communication services and digital advertising.

In those years blogging, studying and working with issues related to internet communication and blogging became part of my personality. I found the blog a vocation, who accompanied me to work and to life.

During these more than 10 years, several companies bet on the credibility of my work with the blog: Cadiveu, Piccadilly, Avon, Seda, BeFunky, Foundation Casper Libero, Englishtown, among others.

The Lis.Life differential is the truth behind the scenes. This blog is an extension of my life, everything here is real and done with love and professionalism. All I give on this blog pages is my essence and bring all my experience of life and career, for those who read and those who trust in my work.

To work with me or blog stay in contact: falecom@criasocial.com.br