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Healthy lunch-gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and oil-free.

A Sunday of these I got home, my mother and my godmother and I wanted to make a healthy lunch for them.

They deserve only the best and take care of them, even if only a little bit is a pleasure of my life.

I wanted to also show that you can make good food gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and oil-free.

The two are old ladies and their health calls for attention, but it's hard to change the shape of them cook and change the taste of those who live with them. For a day, I wanted to make a simple lunch, healthy and with everything that they always ate and cooked at home.

I believe more than talk in diet, which may or may not eat, you help more teaching by example.

If someone in your family needs improve habits make a healthy lunch for this person shows that you can eat well and with pleasure being healthy.

No pressure, eating with pleasure and lightness. Gradually becomes a habit and not a disease.

At home I have only healthy food options, with more natural ingredients and when Cook is just real food.

I moved and got for me that was the best move I made.

I'm not an expert in healthy cuisine, but the basic changes made in recent months helped my health and want to spread it to the world, starting with my family.

Of course I do my concessions, a good wine, soda every once in a while, chocolates, cakes and ice cream are my delight.

All well balanced and with moderation: this is the secret.

Returning to healthy lunch I adapted recipes for comfort food on Sunday, was healthy and heart, you know?

On my mother or godmother's House Sunday was day of pasta with chicken. This was the Special menu for everyone, I love passion!

I adapted with great simplicity-why am I not the beautiful Gil right mores? -in 1 hour a healthy lunch and dessert was served.

I chose a full gluten-free noodles with tomato sauce goatee and with mature gouda cheese-that has lactose, but only a little.

I have complemented with chopped vegetables and steamed and then sprinkled the spice. Green beans, carrots, asparagus and potatoes with a touch of black pepper, cumin and spices.

Almost everything was no salt added because the spices already give the flavor and when used salt, Himalayan pink salt was that is the one I have at home.

Healthy lunch-gluten-free, no sugar, no oils and dairy

The roasted chicken with potatoes, came from the butcher shop in the neighborhood. I dried the oil with paper towel, watered with flavored water vegetables and took him to the oven for drying more-take the oil. Serve to my guests without skin:)

Let tomatoes goatee on the table for those who wanted to have that tomato PLOC along with the food.

As life cannot be boring we had dessert with face of mother house, but with my adjustments.

Was rice pudding without refined sugar and all dairy-with condensed milk diet and lac. Mom went to stove to me, why the rice pudding is best in life and was delighted in how the IRS became lighter and nothing cloying, but thinks very expensive these products that I buy.

Sad reality:(I can only agree.

For afternoon tea, invented a banana cake gluten free, dairy free, no oil, no sugar. Recipe that I made up myself, I took the aquantidades of common homemade pasta and cakes was changing.

It was a Sunday delight, warm heart, full belly and eating clean!

The recipes are all my adjustments, in my head while I cook always show in the stories, there follows: lis. lifestyle.

How about you be inspired and make a healthy lunch for you and your family?

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