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A month to change | #30to30’s

I'll admit right off the bat: I'm getting old! Missing a month to change my age, my life, my habits and other things.

I lived the longest and earliest 30 crisis ever but entered officially in my astral hell last month to twenty-somethings.

I think in this moment for years and I put a huge pressure to mark this age, you know?

First I never had a birthday party in my life, one for me, all made just for me. There the idea of a party would be the most obvious and gave me super! Started planning, but desmotivei when I saw the work that I could reach my expectations!

Seriously! The person here leads parties very seriously to do just a muffin or ballad. I dream of these 30 years ago so long we couldn't be anyway.

I thought of a short trip, alone and to a place I don't know. That didn't happen because I couldn't get time off work. Obvious!

Then I thought about doing nothing because I was tired of trying to please me and I'm picky I know, a lot of work.

But, huh? I can't stand it! Missing a month to officially change my calendar of life and like every year the blog has always been part of my moments I'm here sharing with you.

I came up with a design, a month to change or #30paraos30 and after 3 months planning what would be the role of the blog and social networks that I think I'm ready to tell you.

The project did not have a name until 2 days ago when Talita Ribeiro, who is also pushing 30, inspired me.

Thus, the project 30 to the 30's is my celebration, my rite of passage that a month to change old!

What is the project?

In these 30 days I'm going to endeavor to change a lot of things about me, do other things, start activities and etc.

I believe that everything we do, think and talk over and over again, becomes an active energy within us and gives us strength and even power.

With this a month to change I want to reinforce good things for my new age.

Is nothing exceptional, but these things have a great importance for me, so help me sending good vibes, okay?

I split my challenges in areas of my life. Then came the blog, my behavior, my intellect, career, finance, health and body and several other things that I'm showing and telling as I am doing.

Follow on Instagram to accompany the stories in real time, but will always have a summary here on the blog!

a month to change-30 for 30

Those are just the challenges I can publish! I have a list of challenges so personal and intimate that I can't write here. But, I'm going to slowly counting.

Wish me luck and of course I'm accepting birthday gifts already < 3

#30to30's is the hashtag to follow posts in social networks. I've already started to share some news with her:)

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Pilates for weight loss: does it work?

I started doing Pilates for weight loss last year, in the first period of the shock treatment to regain my health.

As soon as I hit the treatment with Endocrinologist and nutritionist I know it was mandatory to have a regular physical activity. Thing I didn’t practice it seriously for nearly 2 years.

I was with the 600-calorie diet, that was the beginning of my treatment of diabetes and weight loss. So I needed an activity light and supervised. My metabolism was going into a near-death State and I had to take a step.

Talking with the he indicated endocrine Pilates as a way to begin the move.

As good person eager I was thinking does Pilates serves to lose weight? Did I chose right? But, I was in my face and courage search studios and, luckily, was opening a Pilates Studio in front of my house.

Lucky huh? I always believe the universe gives us what we need at the moment that we need. I had no excuses, so I closed the monthly plan and I got to know the benefits of Pilates.

When I started Pilates I suffered anxiety and reflexes of stress Bournout syndrome brought me. My body was in the first step of detoxification and hormonal adjustments. Not been phases easier to pass, but the Pilates that helped me keep it together.

With the restrictive diet the body can feel weakness and have dizziness during any effort. So I needed a closer monitoring and Pilates, group classes, are with smaller groups.

In the Studio where I did are 3 students per class and got lucky thanks universe! -have a very caring teacher heard me pull to enlarge my limits very carefully.

In class, always with a soft music and hot I met a world of possibilities with my body. Doing breathing exercises, stretching, and in aparelhoes, with and without accessories. In other words, I experienced pilates as a whole.

-Tip: find a Studio that has this mix, soil/devices/accessories.

Outside this range of options the Pilates is not, even remotely, an activity stop. Is a low physical activity, so seniors can also do. But, it is an activity that requires the body and mind.

Before long I began to focus on the scores and understand parts of my body that I never even knew existed. Pilates has become my happy hour, 1 hour just thinking about me and that changed me!

I always think of others. Stop by 1 hour and be concentrating just on me and my body movements, gave me strength to change my behavior.

If I hadn’t started my changing habits by Pilates I don’t think it would have worked. I needed that emotional rescue to follow me taking care above all.

As was done with pilates for weight loss?

First the teacher explained to me that the weight loss would be the consequence of the improvement of metabolism. That is where the Pilates and any physical activity begin to act.

But pilates isn’t an activity directed for the thinning. He assists in the process as a whole, but it’s not your focus.

One of the techniques of Pilates that met in class used “only” the weight of my body in each workout. Without the help of springs of equipment required so much strength and concentration I perspired rivers.

Every class the teacher did exercises to gain strength, flexibility and balance. Each year associated with breathing and concentration, diminished the sense of stress, nervousness and anxiety.

Pilates helps you lose weight? Yes help!

Since Pilates helps to reduce anxiety and stress it helps control that hunger that is not physics. The improvement is gradual and continuous metabolism with practice, it pays to get a plan of 2 months at least. Not to mention the physical layout and increase mental too. And, in my case, the Pilates opened a world of physical possibilities that I’m loving exploring with the Academy.

Today I super recommend Pilates to everyone. Especially if you are overweight and has never done a physical activity. In the long run you will have a healthier body and mind what you’re going to encourage you to reach your goals.

In two months doing Pilates and hiking take I lost 9 pounds. Then my weight has stagnated and has stopped falling, which is normal, so I keep on doing weight training and swimming.

It was thanks to the Pilates I took a liking to move the body and ease the mind, focusing only on me! A thank you to professor Eduardo for your patience and dedication < 3

I recommend the text Myths and truths about Pilates (click) for those who still have doubts about it.

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Thanksgiving dinner in SP: PJ Clarke’s

PJ Clarkes - Thanksgiving Dinner in SP cover

I realized that I did not post anything about my Thanksgiving dinner in SP! The photos were on the cell phone so I’ll take advantage and indicate the restaurant.

For the second consecutive year my thanksgiving dinner was at PJ Clarke’s, an American restaurant in the heart of Itaim.

Every year I look for options to celebrate Thanksgiving, especially after living that date in the USA. But in SP there are few places that make the authentic Thanksgiving dinner.

PJ Clarke’s offers a special menu for Thanksgiving dinner every year. Since two years ago I know that the menu remains the same, a simple but very traditional meal.

As a starter a corn cooked with herb butter in the entree, the main course baked turkey breast with bread farofa, sauce gravy sauce made from the cooking of the turkey with spices accompanied with mashed potatoes with cranberry jelly. The dessert is Pecan Pie (Walnut Pie).

I’m suspicious to talk about this menu, because the two times I went to PJ Clarke’s went to the Thanksgiving dinner! PJ Clarke’s salon reminds me a lot of the restaurant I dined at Thanksgiving in Washington – DC in 2013. The dishes are simple and delicious, with taste of home cooking, comfort food in the best style made in the USA.

The photos as always do not live up to the dishes, but I’ll post anyway 🙂 the entrance did not have a photo because I passed my way: D corn was not released in the diet.

PJ Clarkes - Thanksgiving Dinner (1 of 4)

The main course is delicious, what I like most is the combination of mashed potatoes with cranberry jelly and roasted farofa.

The Pecan Pie of Pj Clarke’s is just like the ones I ate in the USA, sweet to measure, nothing sickening, consistent and I’m suspicious to talk about sweets right?

PJ Clarke's - Thanksgiving Dinner (3 of 4)

I did not even wait for the picture to eat the first piece 🙂

This year PJ Clarke’s left the house’s regular menu open for anyone who did not want the Thanksgiving dinner and had no reservations.

Can I say that I preferred the restaurant like that? More empty than last year, better service and more attentive. But the house deserved to be crowded, really!

It has parking service in front of the house for 20 BRL and special options for happy hour. Now I want to go back to the house and meet the burgers 🙂

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Married over the holidays has its benefits, but in time to celebrate need to do recently with a good advance.

How does? Sit down and cry? Cancels the wedding anniversary? No, to me people!


I felt a romance Italian, music, light yellowish almost all natural in the lounge. The setting, including the toilets, is beautiful, made to bring us the atmosphere of the villages of Italy and, truth be told, they can! All that talk of the decoration of the Vicolo Nostro is true: she enchants!

We were cramped into a small table placed below the couple Othello and Desdemona, life-size puppets from Prague to the decor of the restaurant.




We open with the starters, breads and sauces, very well served.

The Nutri released me to take half a glass of wine on occasion.

Beside the House, semi-sparkling soft to whet your appetite.

The photo does not do justice the salad, I started eating and only remembered to photograph then.

For the main course, the nutri chose a fillet of Saint Peter with asparagus puree and, at the suggestion of the House, replaced by vegetable, spaghetti with Zucchini and carrot pupuna.

A simple dish, but it deserves praise.

But, who savored with taste was the Honorable.

Oh, for $25 dollars in vallet door and recreation for kids in the Hall.

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Organize routine to be happier!


Organize routine was the way I found to live amid the rush. Have routine seems to be a bad thing, but it’s not, we need to know to create our own.

I love having the freedom to do anything I want it my way. So, I had to revise my schedules, habits, my financial life and devote myself to live better and with more freedom.

Freedom and routine match, we need to forget the myth that happy people “never fall into the routine” and accept the truth of children “need” routine.

This thing to force a life never to fall into routine is not real as paint around. See the routine how life in this music:

[Tweet “”a vida é como mãe que faz o jantar e obriga os filhos a comer os vegetais, pois sabe que faz bem!” Amianto – Supercombo”]

Routine is good, not accommodation.

The benefits of organizing the routine of my life were many, but mostly, my anxiety and decreased stress and increased my productivity.

To organize the routine I take into consideration my priorities (work, home, study) and the things you want/like to do every day (cooking, writing, sports).

organize-it-all-day routine

  • Have timetables

Have time to wake up, have breakfast and get out of the House was the first step for me to become someone more organized and productive. Have timetables set helps the body and mind to work better and, consequently, the people are more productive.

-Be a punctual person make others respect you, I’m going to explain here in the text as left work always on time with the help of colleagues.

  • Piece/hire help

Having help is vital to maintain sanity and health. This help can be a cleaning lady, a ride to pick up the kids, divide the tasks with the family.

I had to fit it in my routine and let people do their role. I stopped being the “does it all” and live running, stressed and always with a feeling that I couldn’t count.

Organized for me, from time to time, pay a few maid and laundry services. It made me more productive and happy at home, at work and with me.

  • Has its moments

I was just thinking about doing a physical activity after having serious crises of estafa. Felt a helplessness and thought I had no more nothing in life except work and sleep.

In addition to the emotional stress my body got sick, so today I’m doing every day something that gives me pleasure. My glass of wine, my series, the blog and my lengthy baths

Can be 1 hour, 1 hour of silence and prayer, 30 minutes of conversation on the sidewalk. Arrange a time to enjoy, do something that gives you strength!

  • Show your routine

I learned that in life and gives very right!

Try to render the ultimate in 9 hours and near the end of the day, with my completed tasks I speak (pro client or team): “I’m leaving the 5:30 pm do you need anything?”.

Over time everyone used to respect my exit without ugly face.

At home is the same thing, everybody used to my schedule and habits. No one has to follow me, but I show my routine so that everyone respects.

  • Have discipline

Essential for anyone who wants to organize the routine is to have discipline. Persist and devote to change their habits is not easy, you have the discipline to keep your focus.

Gradually, her routine will be enjoyable and you will be able to organize other areas of life.

When I started to organize my routine, it was boring and tiring, but worth it pushing. Today I am less anxious, less stressed and recovering my health, in addition to having more productive and focused on my well-being.

To finish, I want to share 4 tips that help me to have a lighter routine:

  1. Throughout the day, take breaks to 10 minutes and try to have pleasant conversations or just be alone in silence watching the Instagram.
  2. The feeding time is sacred and it has to be easy, pro body and mind. I always try to make meals with calm, even if it’s a snack on the street or in the car.
  3. Whether at work or on the internet I avoid contact with people who do not like or things that just hurt. You know those people who only put disgrace on Facebook or just talk about work? So, I don’t have!
  4. When it hits the nervous in the middle of the day I go to the bathroom, wash your face, take a glass of water and count to 10.

These simple things help me to have a productive routine of mild form, without exaggeration. You can review your routine and see if these tips work for you.

If you like the subject organization, recommend this text that talks about how to organize routine can change our energy.

Tell me in the comments how you organize your routine? What made you want to start to organize?