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A month to change | #30to30’s

I'll admit right off the bat: I'm getting old! Missing a month to change my age, my life, my habits and other things.

I lived the longest and earliest 30 crisis ever but entered officially in my astral hell last month to twenty-somethings.

I think in this moment for years and I put a huge pressure to mark this age, you know?

First I never had a birthday party in my life, one for me, all made just for me. There the idea of a party would be the most obvious and gave me super! Started planning, but desmotivei when I saw the work that I could reach my expectations!

Seriously! The person here leads parties very seriously to do just a muffin or ballad. I dream of these 30 years ago so long we couldn't be anyway.

I thought of a short trip, alone and to a place I don't know. That didn't happen because I couldn't get time off work. Obvious!

Then I thought about doing nothing because I was tired of trying to please me and I'm picky I know, a lot of work.

But, huh? I can't stand it! Missing a month to officially change my calendar of life and like every year the blog has always been part of my moments I'm here sharing with you.

I came up with a design, a month to change or #30paraos30 and after 3 months planning what would be the role of the blog and social networks that I think I'm ready to tell you.

The project did not have a name until 2 days ago when Talita Ribeiro, who is also pushing 30, inspired me.

Thus, the project 30 to the 30's is my celebration, my rite of passage that a month to change old!

What is the project?

In these 30 days I'm going to endeavor to change a lot of things about me, do other things, start activities and etc.

I believe that everything we do, think and talk over and over again, becomes an active energy within us and gives us strength and even power.

With this a month to change I want to reinforce good things for my new age.

Is nothing exceptional, but these things have a great importance for me, so help me sending good vibes, okay?

I split my challenges in areas of my life. Then came the blog, my behavior, my intellect, career, finance, health and body and several other things that I'm showing and telling as I am doing.

Follow on Instagram to accompany the stories in real time, but will always have a summary here on the blog!

a month to change-30 for 30

Those are just the challenges I can publish! I have a list of challenges so personal and intimate that I can't write here. But, I'm going to slowly counting.

Wish me luck and of course I'm accepting birthday gifts already < 3

#30to30's is the hashtag to follow posts in social networks. I've already started to share some news with her:)

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