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Sunscreen antiacne: Vichy Idéal Soleil Antiacne

Sunscreen for oily skin is hard to find, now sunscreen antiacne is suspect eh? Well, I have the skin more oily in the world and adult acne. Test the Vichy Idéal Soleil Antiacne was like Mission of honor, that if he wins, he wins either.

The Vichy developed this sunscreen antiacne, especially for Brazilian skin. It is therefore recommended for oily skins with a tendency to acne or acnes.

What it promises:

  • Proven effectiveness antiacne;
    High sun protection FPS30 and 17.8 ppd;
    Helps to reduce acne and pores;
    G anti-grease effectiveness;
    Controls the brightness and oils by 9 hours *.

* 53 test consumers, self-assessment after 9 hours of application.

The differential equation:

Powerful Antiacne Complex that assists in fighting acne formation cycle, its elements:
Salicylic acid: Promotes cell renewal in unclogging pores
LHA: Microesfoliação needs, helps prevent blackheads
NIACINAMIDE: Has anti-inflammatory action, acts by inhibiting the inflammatory lesions
Sebustop: is astringent and antiseptic. Ideal for the control of excess sebum and the “shiny” appearance of the skin.

My experience

I use Vichy a few years ago, I’m a fan of skin cleansers and moisturizers.

Use sunscreen every day before makeup and so it was that includes the Vichy Idéal Soleil Antiacne.

The texture of it is average but still light, nor too full-bodied not too liquid. Apply smoothly and the skin absorbs well. The first plus point is that it does not dry too fast about to flake off or get in the way of makeup. But, of course, as any touch protector dry rub against it “loose” a little.

Sunscreen antiacne: Vichy Idéal Soleil Antiacne

Second positive point: he won’t let the skin pale, he’s gone in seconds in the application. That’s rare in sunscreen for oily skin and mattifying.

He holds the shine and oiliness, in my case not for 9 hours. But, using a primer + matte makeup this effect is potentiated brightness and g anti-grease.

And the question of being a sunscreen antiacne?

I like to test everything for at least 1 month to give a very real in the ratings.

I’ve been using Vichy Idéal Soleil Antiacne just over 2 months and what happened in the real was:

I had more pimples after I started using it, but in my case, it’s not just the production of oils that interfere in acne. The adult acne skin takes getting used with products and this rebound effect.

Today, already out of 2 months I think the skin is used and the rebound effect decreasing.

My skin is not a parameter to evaluate the anti acne effect, unfortunately.

Sunscreen antiacne: Vichy Idéal Soleil Antiacne

But, with all this, I found the sunscreen antiacne of Vichy?

The control of oil was what won me over! But, the fact that I feel no burning or discomfort even with inflammation, is also a plus of Vichy.
It’s pretty hard to find a sunscreen that does not add oils in the skin and to hold the brightness throughout the day. The Vichy Idéal Soleil Antiacne did very well on my oily skin.

A third positive point, to close, it tube format. You can squeeze every last drop of the product to not waste.

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