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Vicolo Nostro | An Italian restaurant hidden in São Paulo

It was a found in Sao Paulo, a real Italian restaurant for special occasions, romantic and even weddings.

Holiday in Sao Paulo the Venerable * made me the first surprise in 6 years together and reserved with weeks of advance #milagre-an Italian restaurant for our special anniversary lunch.

Married over the holidays has its benefits, but in time to celebrate need to do recently with a good advance. It would be nice since he got the book in a great Italian restaurant, right?

Everything almost perfect, except for the restrictive diet that I’m doing, I spoke about the process here. How does? Sit down and cry? Cancels the wedding anniversary? No, to me people!

The Venerable accompanied me in a query, and as I knew we were going out to celebrate, I asked permission from the Nutricista out of the diet. But, Dr. Isabella didn’t leave (of course, right? Nurture good is so) but accepted that the Venerable to tell her where he’d had made reservations and pass the menu for her to choose what I could eat.

The day came and I didn’t even know if I was going to an Italian restaurant, Thai or Japanese Steakhouse-the Doctor kept secret along with the Honorable. Much love involved < 3

Hidden around the corner from Brooklyn, in a side alley that you don’t believe it, I was surprised by a leafy wall, bricks and wooden tones and between the green of the leaves a door that you can hardly see around the corner. Passing the portico, a cobbled path and plenty of natural light through large brick columns and a beautiful garden, sources and details in every look.

I felt a romance Italian, music, light yellowish almost all natural in the lounge. The setting, including the toilets, is beautiful, made to bring us the atmosphere of the villages of Italy and, truth be told, they can! All that talk of the decoration of the Vicolo Nostro is true: she enchants!

In fact the reviews of this Italian restaurant are great on all sites I researched, I’m going to put on my Trip Advisor profile evaluation.

There are tables on the balcony and a built-in lounge, but I believe that at holiday we couldn’t choose:(a shame because the balcony is, without doubt, the most charming of the restaurant. We were cramped into a small table placed below the couple Othello and Desdemona, life-size puppets from Prague to the decor of the restaurant. Cramped into the space between the wall of the fireplace, but not overshadowed the luster of late.

-Here perhaps the only downside to observe: the Salon is small and I thought the table very tight and all the tables are too close together, which makes the environment be very loud.

The Vicolo Nostro is very cordial and agile, almost exclusively with one waiter per table or 2 tables, I couldn’t fix. Just a question made me curious, the waiter does not present the House and not the menu. I was wanting to hear more about the dishes.

Plus in attendance by the attention, even with all the constraints that had to go into my applications I was surprised very positively. The waiter who, by mistake I didn’t ask his name, not only ensured that my requests were met as suggested a replacement for the menu to better serve my main course.

We open with the starters, breads and sauces, very well served. The Venerable, had to eat alone and was only praise, to breads warm and tasty Add-ons, especially mackerel and cream of gorgonzola cheese.

Italian restaurant _ vicolo_nostro_review -2

Then choose a Pinot Noir, one of the favorite grape and that harmonizes well with lean red meats and cheeses refined white (camembert and brie). The Nutri released me to take half a glass of wine on occasion.

Oh, the House with a white frizante entertained us well tasty and smooth, sipped, of course!

Italian restaurant _ vicolo_nostro_review -3

Wine: Pinot Noir, Queulat Ventisquero Gran Reserva. Beside the House, semi-sparkling soft to whet your appetite.

As input, to me, a mix of fresh leaves with fillet mignon and the Honorable salad with polenta and cheese. I asked for the dressing the part and everything without oil, was tasty and really cool, the fillet and tender.

The photo does not do justice the salad, I started eating and only remembered to photograph then.

Italian Restaurant Vicolo Nostro-Insalata

Insalata con Filetto

I always say that in restaurants with great name the details make the difference, the point of the flesh, the texture of the leaves and everything that the Vicolo Nostro was impeccable.

For the main course, the nutri chose a fillet of Saint Peter with asparagus puree and, at the suggestion of the House, replaced by vegetable, spaghetti with Zucchini and carrot pupuna. Even without tasting the asparagus puree that had sour cream, vegetable spaghetti came in as, apimentadinho and married the fillet.

Italian Restaurant Vicolo Nostro-Fish

San Pietro Filetti modified for my diet!

The fish was juicy, a little oil in the preparation and yet moist on the inside. A simple dish, but it deserves praise.

Dear chose funghi risotto with fillet mignon stuffed with brie and his words: the person who invented this dish deserves an award. Are flavors that marry very well and I love risotto I was drooling.

Italian Restaurant Vicolo Nostro-Filetto

Filleto Ripieno con Brie

To close the charm, the restaurant received a cake of cotton candy. A fofurice you know? The child inside me jumped into my eyes, with a gentle message of best wishes and congratulations to the waiter and the maitre d ‘. But, who savored with taste was the Honorable.

Italian restaurant Vicolo Nostro-cotton candy cake

Dessert was fruit selection au gratin with zabaione and closed the evening with an espresso and pettit fours, and neat, all so beautiful that I had to prove #ops

Italian Restaurant Vicolo Nostro-Dessert

Frutta gratinata allo Zabaione

We had a charmed afternoon, even with the restrictions I loved the restaurant. I’m going back to meet the masses of the House, as soon as I can!

If you’re going to celebrate something special, or are looking for a restaurant for a wedding ceremony initimista, Valley meet the Vicolo Nostro.

Oh, for $25 dollars in vallet door and recreation for kids in the Hall.

* Dear is what I call my life partner, my Dear Husband, if you don’t know the style for life might not understand:)

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