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Organize routine to be happier!


Organize routine was the way I found to live amid the rush. Have routine seems to be a bad thing, but it’s not, we need to know to create our own.

I love having the freedom to do anything I want it my way. So, I had to revise my schedules, habits, my financial life and devote myself to live better and with more freedom.

Freedom and routine match, we need to forget the myth that happy people “never fall into the routine” and accept the truth of children “need” routine.

This thing to force a life never to fall into routine is not real as paint around. See the routine how life in this music:

[Tweet “”a vida é como mãe que faz o jantar e obriga os filhos a comer os vegetais, pois sabe que faz bem!” Amianto – Supercombo”]

Routine is good, not accommodation.

The benefits of organizing the routine of my life were many, but mostly, my anxiety and decreased stress and increased my productivity.

To organize the routine I take into consideration my priorities (work, home, study) and the things you want/like to do every day (cooking, writing, sports).

organize-it-all-day routine

  • Have timetables

Have time to wake up, have breakfast and get out of the House was the first step for me to become someone more organized and productive. Have timetables set helps the body and mind to work better and, consequently, the people are more productive.

-Be a punctual person make others respect you, I’m going to explain here in the text as left work always on time with the help of colleagues.

  • Piece/hire help

Having help is vital to maintain sanity and health. This help can be a cleaning lady, a ride to pick up the kids, divide the tasks with the family.

I had to fit it in my routine and let people do their role. I stopped being the “does it all” and live running, stressed and always with a feeling that I couldn’t count.

Organized for me, from time to time, pay a few maid and laundry services. It made me more productive and happy at home, at work and with me.

  • Has its moments

I was just thinking about doing a physical activity after having serious crises of estafa. Felt a helplessness and thought I had no more nothing in life except work and sleep.

In addition to the emotional stress my body got sick, so today I’m doing every day something that gives me pleasure. My glass of wine, my series, the blog and my lengthy baths

Can be 1 hour, 1 hour of silence and prayer, 30 minutes of conversation on the sidewalk. Arrange a time to enjoy, do something that gives you strength!

  • Show your routine

I learned that in life and gives very right!

Try to render the ultimate in 9 hours and near the end of the day, with my completed tasks I speak (pro client or team): “I’m leaving the 5:30 pm do you need anything?”.

Over time everyone used to respect my exit without ugly face.

At home is the same thing, everybody used to my schedule and habits. No one has to follow me, but I show my routine so that everyone respects.

  • Have discipline

Essential for anyone who wants to organize the routine is to have discipline. Persist and devote to change their habits is not easy, you have the discipline to keep your focus.

Gradually, her routine will be enjoyable and you will be able to organize other areas of life.

When I started to organize my routine, it was boring and tiring, but worth it pushing. Today I am less anxious, less stressed and recovering my health, in addition to having more productive and focused on my well-being.

To finish, I want to share 4 tips that help me to have a lighter routine:

  1. Throughout the day, take breaks to 10 minutes and try to have pleasant conversations or just be alone in silence watching the Instagram.
  2. The feeding time is sacred and it has to be easy, pro body and mind. I always try to make meals with calm, even if it’s a snack on the street or in the car.
  3. Whether at work or on the internet I avoid contact with people who do not like or things that just hurt. You know those people who only put disgrace on Facebook or just talk about work? So, I don’t have!
  4. When it hits the nervous in the middle of the day I go to the bathroom, wash your face, take a glass of water and count to 10.

These simple things help me to have a productive routine of mild form, without exaggeration. You can review your routine and see if these tips work for you.

If you like the subject organization, recommend this text that talks about how to organize routine can change our energy.

Tell me in the comments how you organize your routine? What made you want to start to organize?

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