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Married over the holidays has its benefits, but in time to celebrate need to do recently with a good advance.

How does? Sit down and cry? Cancels the wedding anniversary? No, to me people!


I felt a romance Italian, music, light yellowish almost all natural in the lounge. The setting, including the toilets, is beautiful, made to bring us the atmosphere of the villages of Italy and, truth be told, they can! All that talk of the decoration of the Vicolo Nostro is true: she enchants!

We were cramped into a small table placed below the couple Othello and Desdemona, life-size puppets from Prague to the decor of the restaurant.




We open with the starters, breads and sauces, very well served.

The Nutri released me to take half a glass of wine on occasion.

Beside the House, semi-sparkling soft to whet your appetite.

The photo does not do justice the salad, I started eating and only remembered to photograph then.

For the main course, the nutri chose a fillet of Saint Peter with asparagus puree and, at the suggestion of the House, replaced by vegetable, spaghetti with Zucchini and carrot pupuna.

A simple dish, but it deserves praise.

But, who savored with taste was the Honorable.

Oh, for $25 dollars in vallet door and recreation for kids in the Hall.

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