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How to start a dietary re-education?

The title of this post could be as a life change? Why when I decided to start my nutritional re-education, first I needed to decide and agree to change my life.

I was a little too thin, but with a few extra pounds appeared routine and, if not very overweight, I don’t like feeling “fat”, or the eternal sleep, fatigue, and hunger of 10 Lions tonight.

These symptoms were already a warning, but heavier reflexes came from poor diet: health problems and food allergies.

1. Changing habits:

My dietary re-education began with the decision to change my habits gradually. I started with my worst habit: drinking a lot of soda, eating too much sweet, don’t make every meal. I’m aware that it only made me bad and I’ve gotten used to decrease these habits until I went to the second stage.

2. Seeking a professional:

I already have a close medical follow-up, do tests regularly, but this journey started a dietary re-education is a nutritionist is a must.

The search was not easy, I’m curious I don’t like eating just because you like to understand every detail of what I’m doing. With much talk I got to the indication of a nutritionist linda and that changed my way of looking at food and explained every detail of my inadequate power and how I could improve it.

From these two points, my strong decision for change my habits and professional help, I started doing simple things:

  • replace coffee for tea (I’m still addicted to coffee, but today take an acceptable amount).
  • -decrease the liters of soda by little cups only on weekends.
  • reduce the sugar in all things.
  • change the common chocolate 80% cocoa chocolate.
  • increase the amount of water (I never drank water, not ever!)
  • meals outside the home I have a more balanced dish with salads, a portion of meat and avoiding the sausages and fast food.
  • at home I spent eating homemade quick dishes such as omelets and salads and avoid the delivery of pizza.

Seems not much right? But, for a life like mine that was almost impossible and it is still a personal improvement process very difficult.

It’s not easy, but with these simple actions I’ve already lost 3 kg in 3 months, with zero pain and without starving. If you came here thinking you’d have incredible tips, hard-to-reach steps know that dietary re-education is far less complicated than a lot of people fold out there:).

In addition, I’m in another parallel journey which is a complement to my dietary re-education: a physical activity that I love and I will soon count more here!

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