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All about nude!

I've had a nude shoe (won a brand honey) and used until the jump break and give more repairs. But, I was wondering if that was the nude tone ideal for me, you know?

Not that the color were ugly, but wouldn't "nude".

Nude is an adjective in English which in literal translation means "naked". The nude is a color tone, as pale beige or Tan, which corresponds to the skin tones giving the appearance of nudity.

I started to search and I was obsessed with mini the infinite possibilities of a nude. Between Nail Polish, shoes, clothes and makeup there are more shades of nude than dream of our vain philosophy.

I'm in search of ideal nude tone for my skin, so I began to study and train my eye. Despite the color variations, this method goes for choosing Nail Polish, lipstick, clothes, shoes and even base.

I don't like quoting rules, but in this case I follow this little rule of thumb:.

The ideal nude tone should not contrast too much with the tone of the skin. If contrast ceases to be nude, right? 😉

My skin is a little yellow Brazilian India faded, some say cold, some say it's hot … As I am no expert I don't know! I'm in olhometro, testing and proving to see what tom is neutral.

For those who have hot, nude tones with reddish or yellowish background, are harmonious. Have cold skin, pink, gray, beige and even the blue/white.

For many years I thought I was just nude beige/skin color. But, I have found that there are at least 50 shades of nude serving on my skin, shocking huh?

Starting with the Pantone chart of skin tones:

Shades of Nude-skin tones

Pantone colors 13 and 14, are cooler and red. 15 color is almost neutral, tending to the hot. 17 and 19 colors are warm, Gray and Brown, respectively. The last color, 19, is black with bluish background cold.

Among these 6 colors of skin tone there are a myriad of sub tones and other nuances. Why to find a base nude, which stay perfect in our skin tone, need to test many colors.

The ideal nude tone base needs to join with the skin in a way that is uniform and that they do not see the color of the base. I never found one so perfect for me.

Has this line (below) of The Body Shop that has nuances with minor variations between the tones, but unfortunately does not sell in Brazil.

This Fashionista text shows several brands who has invested in various shades of nude. (click)


Bases in shades of Nude

Nude bases for all the skins is "new in Brazil" have some brands investing in more colors in the color chart, but we're still crawling.

One of the options we have is Clinique Chubby in the Nude-I showed a bit of Chubby family here-which has 10 color options.Nude-Nude tones base Clinic

With shoe I'm standing on the issue of my skin tone. I still haven't found my perfect nude shoe. I have on my wish list a pumps and a nude sandal, two things I don't have, do 1 year that I'm looking to buy and I don't think:(

The most common tones of nude shoes are these below, that do not meet a good portion of the population right?

Tom-de-nude-ideal _ shoe

Now, with nail polish, lipsticks and clothes is a little easier by two factors: we have more colors available in the market.

I always mix 2 lipsticks to get a nude near the tone of my skin. If you have your mouth tom masi purple, as my base pass before applying the lipstick:) helps leave more nude!


Following the rule of contrast and paying attention in the undertone color is easier to find your perfect shade of nude in any aspect. I think nude chic, elegant and he won't wear off while Kate Middleton wear:D

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