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How I did my DIY wedding: step by step!

My DIY wedding was one of the largest projects of my life! When I decided to get married now lived together for 2 years, I had the urge to have a party and all the adjectives more, was money short and bills to pay.

 It wasn’t easy, but I managed to do my DIY wedding and I want to share a little of how were the preparations.

Who knows any help little bride, right?

When I got married, do a DIY wedding wasn’t so fashionable. But, I faced the challenge knowing that it wouldn’t be easy for my perfectionism, and I would have to do everything myself.
Family, friends and close people did not believe it was possible to make a DIY wedding, said was a figment of my imagination. But, I already had an idea of how I wish it was my wedding and started researching.
  • 17 months before the wedding

When I started to get an idea of how I wanted the wedding I started researching in general the cost of weddings in my region.

I saw more of budgets $100 1000 Real Weddings all identical in the photos, a standard format. So, I decided that I would do everything I could by myself and that would have a marriage full of meaning and exclusive.

I did a wedding planning worksheet, planned all possible expenses and, without running, I did everything respecting my possibilities.
Closed date, chose a Friday afternoon until my wedding no one I knew had married on a Friday and still more in the afternoon.
I made the guest list in 3 days, without outbreak and being practical, I just wish their friends and family (still the list was huge).
I began to direct my research to the style of wedding I wanted and had an idea of where I’d like to get married.
  • 15 months before

I closed the ceremony and party space, a place that I could do it there with freedom.
After more research and tastings, I closed the buffet. I found one that met all my requirements (French service, cocktail and dinner, with simple menu and drinks).
The buffet was my priority, so I closed well before and not saved. You must choose an item to be your priority, the location, the dress or anything else.
  • 12 months before

In the meantime I went to bridal Salon of ABC met all the type providers and got many cards. I came back on a few suppliers and these fairs are great for this, but there is no point in falling into the tale of the unique opportunity for fair, just close if it is something that you won.
Closed photo and filming-with the first team and I knew I had 1 2° team still. Then I had to stop and take a breath (pay the Bills, right?). It was a strategic pause to begin paying the most expensive things.
I planned for a few months does not close any contract, but visit several potential suppliers to only meet them and decide later.
  • 10 months before

I started collecting glass bottles for decoration and honeymoon planning, dimensioning and package options present. I decided to do it all up, so I could spend in travel agencies.
I chose the groomsmen, bridesmaids and pageboys and color chart that I would use in the decoration. I made the art of my wedding invitation, with a help of a friend who has worked as a designer, because I wanted to vectorize an image only and no one could copy, I handpicked the sources of the visual identity and the role of printing my invitation.
  • 8 months before

I started looking for the ideal outfit for the groom, children and for me: of course! Here the search was quick because I already knew what it would be like the “dress code” of marriage.
Closed DJ, stage lighting, musicians for the ceremony and the 2nd photography team.
  • 6 months

I closed my makeup artist and hairdresser in the city of Mauá (where I lived). I started buying decorating items and do the souvenirs that were handmade.
I closed the clothes of the groom in a tailor, I had 2 tailored suits and that together cost the price of a rental of a tuxedo in my region.
I chose the list of songs of ceremony and with the help of responsible for coral we had an idea of what it would be like the big moment: with prayer and meaning.
  • 4 months ago

I’ve been looking for a graphics specializes in wedding invitations and closed all printing: invitation, tags and invitations. Left far more into account closing all along, but I researched a lot before closing.
I closed the bridesmaid and page-without the mothers of the children, remember I told you I didn’t have help? It was tense.
I chose the dresses of bridesmaids in José Paulino, my 3 bridesmaids knee length dresses picked and I thought it was great that they were comfortable.
I bought my hair accessories and jewelry.
I ordered the happily married an atelier of name on ABC, with a great price because I met them at the fair and was talking with them a long time, closing time rolled off!
  • 2 months ago

Closed unconventional advice, I found a team that would be my staff. No conventional advice accepted the fact that I would do my décor on the day. Hired 3 people to be a support team, they were my arms and eyes.  I told them that only 3 hours before the wedding I was getting out of the picture and would be the bride and so was done!
Tasted several dresses, among the most expensive to the cheapest and not hit that love. I chose to have a single model, imported by me from Australia, which decreased my cost at 80%.
I bought my shoes and the groom, at the Mall and we use to this day. In 45 of the second period, I bought a second dress for the party, I waited to see if the spending would be on the edge.
We decided to make the honeymoon: we bought the tickets and did the screenplay with 3 international destinations.
  • 1 month before

We mark the civil Parish of São Jorge confirmed that could celebrate the blessing of marriage outside the Church.
Did the party kit: posters for photoboot, smilies, mustaches, and plates etc. Here I knew the flowers you buy, as I wanted my bouquet and how do the decoration on the day. My tip is to make decisions, make choices, but be flexible if you need to change them.
I bought my dress for the civil and did the pre-wedding rehearsal, I used the pictures of that day. We hired a photographer beginner from ABC that trashed in the photos and therefore closed with her civil coverage that we wouldn’t do.
I bought the Groupon also some Brigadier gourmet for the cake table, was a Baker of ABC that made Brigadier delicious traditional pistachio, strawberry, coffee and lemon that decorated the table.
  • A few days before

In the final days I finished cleaning the bottles and my uncle and best man helped me paint. Decorate all at his house where many people came to help, some people who don’t know me.
Bought on the open market keyrings shaped like shoes for the guests, they arrived and I glued one by one in the tags.
I hired a team of bartenders to have a drinks bar, I gave as a gift to the Venerable (and me) with a niece of money!
My sister-in-law sought on 25 March to tie the groom’s cutting, I was almost forgetting.
  • 1 day before

We were just the two of us and our mothers married in the morning, after civil we take a coffee and we focus on the final preparations.
The party dress arrived in the Nick of time, not freaked out because it would use the same of the ceremony, but I was very happy with the Fedex one day before the wedding on my gate.
I reached for my clothes and the servant and the gallons of helium gas for balloons decoration.
I shut the hosting of the honeymoon trip and the car to take us from the airport to the hotel in the first city. All this 1 day before, calmly. I was monitoring the prices I knew I’d get the smallest closed that day.
The 11:00 pm of the day before the wedding I left home in a beat-up Van and went to the CEAGESP buy flowers: I came home the morning 5:00 and 8:00 was on his way to the place to get married.
I started the mounts of the arrangement on bottles, the buffet staff was setting up the tables, my husband carrying the banks of the ceremony. The dear Wadia and Jessica Jhoy (hairdresser and makeup artist) helped me with the arrangements, the team of staff (3 women and 1 man) and rode the rest of the way.
I was very well prepared, with dark circles, but chose the best makeup artist I know to handle and did not feel an ounce of sleep.
A few hours before the wedding the groom goodbye and just see him at the altar.
Could we fix separated and he took his bath in the room and I even relaxed a few minutes in the tub.
And, at the last minute, I invited my brother to accompany my mother to take me down the aisle.
During all preparations and especially on our wedding day I heard several times that was impressive as I was calm and how everything was at peace. It was very satisfying!

Phew, thanks a lot, you see? I did everything the best, without hang me to pay.

Planning a wedding alone requires a lot of attention and dedication. There are no ready-made formulas, you will need to find your way to make it happen.

But, believe me, tired, a lot of work, but I had a DIY wedding for 250 people and I didn’t spend anywhere near the actual first 100000 R$ research.

I found a site today that penalty already married, but they have a lot of lovely DIY wedding photo to inspire you (clicks) and everything I’ve talked about marriage is here on the blog (click).

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