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Routine organization tools

I don’t trust my memory and running ever prevented.

Why use routine organization tools that are part of me: without them I don’t live!

These routine organization tools I’m going to tell you is very simple. But, make a difference in my life and I really use each of them.

But, you need to evaluate what works in your life, right? If you need help: comments in the post, I answer.

My easiest way to começat the routine organization is to have a mental routine. Is one way to find out what are my everyday tasks.

For example: taking her medication, take out the trash, putting gas in the car, do pot and etc.

I always do everything in the same order and at the same time. It’s not an obsession, I need to get out of the rut I know what was missing to make, but that’s okay!

That’s not much of a tool, is a skill that anyone can develop.

At home I try to wake up always at the same time and try to resist the temptation to look at the phone before getting out of bed. I’m going to shower, eat breakfast and do everything very slowly, because my head you like no running.

In work beginning the day with 10 minute reading e-mails. 20 minutes of monitoring processes, customer responses, verification of status. In the morning I do quick things and note if I will need to return them.

I would add in my mental routine things I do periodically.

For example: every day 15 pay bills, all second mark manicure and etc.

These personal tasks that must run on schedule useful, I try to do on the way to work or on a lunch break.

Outside this mental routine routine organization tools I use are:

To do list (things to do):

I love using paper schedule with my list of tasks (to-do list) to guide my day. When I hit the eye I know what I need to do and when.

Routine organization tools-To Do List

I leave my to do list always under my mobile, over the month, to be always in sight. The ideal is to complete the list always on the same day, but if something goes wrong pass tasks on the list the next day.

Cell phone, alarms and applications:

For appointments by appointment-appointments, meetings and even medicine-I use the Iphone alarm clock, calendar that synchronizes with my e-mail and Google Calendar.

Routine organization tools-mobile apps

And, to have my to-do list always with me I use mobile applications. There are so many that I want to do a post just about them soon.


I use many worksheets in my day to day in my working method is the best way to produce. Keep all the Google Drive for easy access from anywhere and always nominate the archives to facilitate the search.


I suggest using Google Apps for Business as a basic tool for calendar, emails, spreadsheets and other super powers.

Techniques to optimize productivity:

+ organization + productivity.

I use the Pomodoro method to help me perform tasks long that need a lot of concentration. Are periods of 25 minutes with scheduled breaks.

Routine organization tools-pomodoro

This technique helps me develop long specifications, data and text analysis.

It is scientifically proven that share complex tasks into smaller periods help the brain to have more results.

My most important tip is: don’t think of as something bad routine, routine is what makes us take care of everything!

If you want to achieve their goals of life will have to organize your routine, start with these simple actions and I’m sure you’ll get results!

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