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Why have a blog?

When I started thinking about a new blog, again, the questions were the first to emerge.

With almost 29 years, two cats, a good job, a nice House that not finished decorating, new car in the garage, routine, marriage, House, life … Everything has become reason to wonder why have a blog?

Not to mention the opinion of others, that is another chapter of my story. 

After months of thinking and putting impecílios I started to remember the reasons that made me create my first blog: the Things of luxury in 2005.

I remembered that difficult time, which was followed by a terrible depression, where the only thing that made me think about things “better” was the blog.

Write and think about things that I liked, but they were light years far from my reality, was what kept me alive for that period of mourning and loss.

It was with this motivation that I actually reinvented myself my space on the internet and get a taste for writing, every day a few lines …

Write anyway.

Do it for you.

Even if it’s not a success

Even if it’s not really deep

Even if you’re not confident

Even if you think you’re going to do it later (trust me, you won’t)

Even if someone wrote about the same thing this morning

Even if it’s Friday and no one will see your text

Even if it’s just some random thoughts

Even if it’s very intimate

Even if you only have a few minutes

Even if you didn’t even finish

Write anyway.

You don’t need to write a masterpiece.

Write your thoughts easier.

Start with a line.

Put some ideas out of your head.

Put into words.

See what happens next.

Do it now.

Because, why not?

You know, my father is almost 60 years old today.

He told me he always dreamed of writing a book, since 20 years.

He never did that.

Because he hasn’t found the perfect title.

He ended up giving up.

You will also spend 40 years thinking about writing something before you start?


If you think about writing

Even if it’s just for you

Write anyway.

[Tweet “Se você pensar sobre escrever, mesmo que seja só para você, escreva de qualquer jeito.”]

This text was published by Thomas Despin and answered my questions about why have a blog, so here we are!

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