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Wash and dry LG or Samsung?

You think you're in control of your life, you are a cool person, until I found out you need to wash clothes. You breathe and make a decision height: buy a wash and dry.

After a lot of research. I spent over 3 hours in the store to choose from a wash and dry LG or Samsung.

I came home with one of them and tell you the reasons for the choice.

There are other options on the market, but I focused on spending less than 3,000 and R$ in silver.

With these settings, choose between the lava and dry LG or Samsung.

But, I had my criteria for choosing.

The two brands are great, but they are not reference in the manufacture of household appliances. I thought a lot about the possibility of need parts, maintenance and technical assistance.

In a quick search, the assists for the wash and dry from LG is larger.

To face the biggest difference is that Samsung wash dry and I was in doubt about it. I wash clothes in the laundry, dry then it would be an economy.

But, I went to talk to people who have to wash and dry the Samsung and I was surprised!

All commented use little dry-cleaning, for quilts and baby clothes only and it is not suitable to wash suits and fine clothes.

In addition, Samsung does not have adjustments to the predefined functions such as time, water temperature or speed.

In terms of energy consumption both have the same quality seal and the seal. The price is also similar, the Fast Shop was with 100 R$ of difference in LG.

After analyzing all of this: habemus washes and dries.

What made me choose the LG is that it has 14 wash programs, against Samsung's 8. Are basic programs with special fabrics, heavy wash and etc.

The schedule for the beginning of the wash is great. Let set to the machine hit the clothes dryer until I get home from work: works perfectly.

The wash and dry the LG has a drying option that saves energy and let the clothes ready to take a draft of 10 minutes and go to the closet. But, if you want to dry 100% is just setting the drying cycle complete, works very well.

The only weak spot from LG is not having a delicate wash cycle or is there and it is not clear in the manual.

The manual could be more complete, actually.

As the LG is strong on social networks, I thought I would have extra content to support me on this journey, but I couldn't find a post/help/tutorial of the brand that will help me in the most basic things. But the luck is that the Panel from LG is simple, almost intuitive and fit well.

My first impressions of the wash and dry LG were:

Glamour of the day: trying to be a housewife. #reallife

Following the manual I did the initial wash without clothes and then washed full cycle (wash and dry).

For those who never used a wash and dry the main fear is to shrink the clothes. So read the labels and their symbols and just put that could dry, but I selected the low temperature.

Hasn't shrunk:) point for me!

In the wash, the machine is quiet and easy to program. If you are scantily clad, she is light and a bit dry, shake but nothing out of the ordinary.

Update: after 2 years my wash and dry broke. 🙁

I told here in this post how I broke it and how I fixed the wash and dry at home!

A full comparison if you are still in doubt between the wash and dry LG or Samsung:


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