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Valentine's day on Terraço Itália 

One of the most romantic and classic restaurants in São Paulo, the Terrace Italy has the rank of a favorite restaurant for marriage proposals and declarations of love the old-fashioned way.

Want to know how is the experience of Valentine's Day dinner on the terrace Italy?

I tell you and to contextualize: I was invited to a romantic dinner blind date. But, between the invitation and my answer I said: "it's not on the terrace Italy not right? Because it's too cliche."

-99% cute, but that 1% Fiona and my experiences a prior probability of that dinner be so terrible was great!

To destroy the self-esteem of the boy he had reserved the Terraço Itália on Valentine's day. Let me clarify: I love my boy so much, I'm just a little gawky sometimes 🙁 on Valentine's day. Let me clarify: I love my boy so much, I'm just a little gawky sometimes 🙁 After the laughter embarrassed, I accepted and I started to worry about what to wear.

In my mind, I saw ladies of the high class of SP looking at me up and down looking for designer labels in my minimalist look.

With the chosen outfit, I went back to my dreams of what would be remote a perfect romantic dinner. There was candlelight, a Prince charming, violins, food, wine … Sighs.

Coming to Terraço Itália a very nice valet service at the door, for a mere $25. Red carpet, hall with light yellow and I find myself in a vintage atmosphere, an exhibition of pictures and old elevator.

We took the elevator with a couple of gentlemen. I recorded this scene in memory: he wore a bow tie, suit and a shoe that was shining as much as the porcelain tile from the floor. She wore a black dress straight, Pearl Necklace with a small earring natty properly and your hair blond/grey that didn't have a thread out of place.

Felt in 20 years and only stopped to smile with your eyes when they they repaid the smile and gave us good night.

We got to the top floor, a photographer at the entrance all ornamented with red flowers. Take the photo in a comic book of remembrance.

The hostess told us the way through a first environment, half light, white tables, a piano, soft music. We arrived at the Hall, one of the large halls of the Terrace Italy.

The maitre d ' told us some table options in the window, choose and at a glance I could see some couples and groups having dinner on site.

A parenthesis to the clothes: people of jeans but the restaurant indicates fine sport costume. I just noticed that and I was taken by the beauty of the place, the view, the air of romance and music, I traveled.

Valentine's day-romantic dinner terrace Italy-1

If there is a perfect atmosphere to love Italy Terrace, it's inside of her. The moment you sit down and look around, it's gone, it's in love with whoever is on your front.

During dinner you get up and go to the mezzanine, so ready, married! That chilling wind, which makes us hug is deliberate of Cupid.

Pictures, smiles and so you are enchanted by the place, looking at the towers of Paulista (I think?) in the background.

The dinner was signed by Chef Pasquale Mancini, a gourmet tasting menu. In General, in commemorative dates, they have a closed menu where you choose the lounge and the type of the table – the value of the reserve varies according to these choices.

As it was a Valentine's Day dinner had the option to purchase in advance a bottle of Chandon Brut Rosé and win a kit with 2 acrylic glasses customizable. I won < 3

Valentine's day-romantic dinner terrace Italy-4

The few photos I took don't do justice to the menu, but I'm going to show anyway. Love is blind, you understand.

My Tip: take pictures, ask the waiter to take pictures of the table, they are used and the place deserves all records.

Let's go to the dinner menu for Valentine's day on the terrace Italy (2015 version).

Antipasti: Terrine de foie gras with pears for wine, salmon Tartar and Burrata with Parma ham.

Valentine's day-romantic dinner terrace Italy-2

Primi Piatti: Leek risotto and shrimp and brie Mezzaluna to white truffle.

Just photographed the risotto, which was my dish, not to be rude. After entering the risotto was "too simple", but still delicious.

Valentine's day-romantic dinner terrace Italy-3


Secondi Piatti: crispy sea bass with lobster and potato leaves and 1000 rack of wild boar in your own sauce with creamy polenta.

Valentine's day-romantic dinner terrace Italy-8

Carré with polenta: simple but delicious people, melting in the mouth. (photo below)

Valentine's day-romantic dinner terrace Italy-9

A third option was filet Medallion Chianti with saffron risotto.

Dolci: Tasting creme Brulee, lemon meringue, fiorentina pie and PEAR Sorbet.

Sighs of longing, many sighs. Each bite was a little piece of heaven in your mouth. The cuteness of this submission counts points with me!

Closed with a golden key.

Valentine's day-romantic dinner terrace Italy-11


I walked out of there happy for being cliche for once in your life! has 3 occasions that deserve <.

Valentine's day experience in Italy worth terrace, you see? But, I want to know from you what are your plans for this Valentine's day?

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