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10 truths about having style

Forget what you’ve read about having style.

We read and see so much that we forget that having style is a personal and unique way. So I wrote my 10 truths about having style.

These truths opened my eyes many times as I sought to find my style.

To have personal style - life

1 – Having style is not something that is done easily, it requires self-knowledge and a lot of self-esteem.

Self-knowledge hurts and it’s really hard.

2 – It is no use escaping, your style shows even when you hide or try to pretend to be different.

Okay that you really like everything you’ve bought in the last year just to be fashionable, go!

3 – When you get more mature, you will realize that if you had known and respected YOUR style always, you would have been happier.

Go for it, even in your teens if you had followed your style you would love yourself more. Even when people teased you, offended you, repressed you for being different would have been worth it.

4 – A person using all the trends of the moment is not necessarily a person who has style.

It’s just a person who buys a lot of things and if you use all the trends together you are a tacky person.

5 – Top bloggers, style magazines, brands, and everyone who calls themselves opinion makers will not say anything about YOUR style.

But seeing them can make you find yourself in the crowd.

6 – Your mother, your sisters, your childhood friends know more about your style than anyone else in the world.

What you were in your true essence will always be remembered by these people and they will remind you of who you are!

7 – Having style is not having money, having fame, having a car, having a boyfriend, having nothing… IT IS BEING YOU!

Having style is not about TER is about SER and that would sum up the list, but I want to keep writing.

8 – Personal style is necessary, for life!

Everyone needs to find their style of dress, talking, walking, decorating, eating, being, working, living to be happy.

9 – Personal style is to be authentic!

It does not have to be creative (I’m not into fashion, for example), nor be the most talkative person in the world (I am), it has to be you!

Plus: have critical-sense and analytical reasoning (this I really have!).

10 – Personal style is not having everything of this world, but is giving everything to take your world your way!

And it’s the best thing you can do for yourself!

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