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Tips for testing pre wedding

Everything at my wedding was done in a simple way and thought to be practical and have my face.

The pre wedding trial was a plus, was not within the original budget, but I wanted to give away.

I decided that the pre wedding photos would be used in the decoration of the party and, later, in my house. That's why I took everything to the test with a certain caution, for it was natural and fit in the tight budget the eve of the big day.

Thus, the investment has more sense than just posting on Facebook:)

essay-pre-wedding _ DSC0654-MOTION

Started researching photographers outside my region, which were outside the METIER of marriages, the same criteria used to choose the wedding photographers.

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  • If you want an essay on the beach, place the shift in care.

Most exciting photographers, who are always at the fairs, charge by name, by their brand-what is fair, you know? I'm not talking about expensive or cheap, because it is relative. But, it is important to search because it is not only the most famous photographer that will deliver a quality service.

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Needless to say, security, right?

essay-pre-wedding _ MOTION

So much so that on the day of pictures, my brother was there with my nephews, the Gu and the Isa, that would be my page and my.

The photographer had the courtesy to click them without us or 3 < ask, you know? This is a careful so special, that shows that she was there to tell our story.

essay-pre-wedding _ DSC0297 essay-pre-wedding _ DSC0300

Composed of wreaths, white clothes and etc, if not its vibe will only leave you.

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essay-pre-wedding _ DSC0198

essay-pre-wedding _ DSC0380

What makes all the difference is you are at ease and comfortable. Everything from the clothes, the location and the team must leave you in your secure environment, to smile wonder:)

Hold the anxiety and controls the fighting saw?

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