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Thanksgiving dinner in SP: PJ Clarke’s

I realized that I did not post anything about my Thanksgiving dinner in SP! The photos were on the cell phone so I’ll take advantage and indicate the restaurant.

For the second consecutive year my thanksgiving dinner was at PJ Clarke’s, an American restaurant in the heart of Itaim.

Every year I look for options to celebrate Thanksgiving, especially after living that date in the USA. But in SP there are few places that make the authentic Thanksgiving dinner.

PJ Clarke’s offers a special menu for Thanksgiving dinner every year. Since two years ago I know that the menu remains the same, a simple but very traditional meal.

As a starter a corn cooked with herb butter in the entree, the main course baked turkey breast with bread farofa, sauce gravy sauce made from the cooking of the turkey with spices accompanied with mashed potatoes with cranberry jelly. The dessert is Pecan Pie (Walnut Pie).

I’m suspicious to talk about this menu, because the two times I went to PJ Clarke’s went to the Thanksgiving dinner! PJ Clarke’s salon reminds me a lot of the restaurant I dined at Thanksgiving in Washington – DC in 2013. The dishes are simple and delicious, with taste of home cooking, comfort food in the best style made in the USA.

The photos as always do not live up to the dishes, but I’ll post anyway 🙂 the entrance did not have a photo because I passed my way: D corn was not released in the diet.

PJ Clarkes - Thanksgiving Dinner (1 of 4)

The main course is delicious, what I like most is the combination of mashed potatoes with cranberry jelly and roasted farofa.

The Pecan Pie of Pj Clarke’s is just like the ones I ate in the USA, sweet to measure, nothing sickening, consistent and I’m suspicious to talk about sweets right?

PJ Clarke's - Thanksgiving Dinner (3 of 4)

I did not even wait for the picture to eat the first piece 🙂

This year PJ Clarke’s left the house’s regular menu open for anyone who did not want the Thanksgiving dinner and had no reservations.

Can I say that I preferred the restaurant like that? More empty than last year, better service and more attentive. But the house deserved to be crowded, really!

It has parking service in front of the house for 20 BRL and special options for happy hour. Now I want to go back to the house and meet the burgers 🙂

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