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Review | Tresemmé Smooth Keratin

Hair without frizz for 48 hours is the “miracle” that the TRESemmé line Keratin Smooth promises.

I prefer not to use the hair dryer every day, live with frizz of hair in a relationship of “I don’t care” and “I want to die”. Always seek ways to control frizz of hair without spending a fortune.

During a stay in the USA I bought the TRESemmé line Keratin Smooth to test. I love family-size packages and bring shampoo and conditioner from 739ml. The 236ml thermal protection Spray and the infusion of Keratin Serum with 97ml, for the low price of $15 dollars.



The line is on sale in Brazil full-after a delay.

First positive point: the line has little sulfate < 3

I’ve been using for over 1 month and I can say that the Keratin TRESemmé Smooth surprise!

At first I noticed washing my hair shinier and fluffy, in addition to the delightful scent that gets in.

I have used all the shampoo and the Conditioner every day and when I want a hair more worthy use the Serum and the thermal protector. To get even, I conclude with the diva dryer and the effect is great!

Hair, bright and with a lot of movement.

shampoo and conditioner

Believe me: great product with nice price!

Even here in Brazil you spend about 50 R$ and brings home the miracle of hair without frizz.

The formula is simple: keratin and silicone microparticles that form a protective cover on the wires. Then the rebels settle down wires and can’t climb:)

My favorite product of the line is the Serum.

I can use 3 different ways and has a watery texture raise doesn’t weigh or let the greasy wire.


To dry your hair in the wind: Apply one pump of infusing Keratin smoothing Serum on hand, give a little Spitfire and step locks in hair length down. Brush and let dry.

Dry hair: use as concentred and step in the wires sticking out of the top of the head, just a little.

With the dryer: the excess water with a towel, untangles the wires and I spray the smooth flat iron Keratin smoothing spray all over your hair. Then dry with dryer from top to bottom to give the smooth effect and end with a pump of infusing Keratin smoothing Serum on hair length as concentred and Polish.

The line really delivers the hair without frizz, moisturizes and gives much brightness to the hair.

A cheap market finds: TRESemmé < 3

The Brazillian packaging has different colors, but the formula is the same as (from what I’ve seen here on the website of TRESemmé).

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