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The essentials for planning the wedding

It’s not very conventional the bride do more than hire services for the wedding.

But, in addition to planning the wedding, I made decoration, souvenirs and many other things alone.

Few people helped a lot of people criticized. Truth is, that not only was possible as was the way I wanted to.

So I want to tell you about planning the wedding DIY and, who knows, help other brides to be?

When we started thinking about marriage, I wanted a ceremony, the Honorable wanted to party, the two of us we dream with the honeymoon. If all of this would be possible, was another story.

I started to imagine possible dates to marry, by will, didn’t want a Saturday-as is normal here in Brazil. But, before closing the date I started thinking in places, prices and possibilities that would be in my power.

Were 2 months researching everything about marriage, wondering if it would be possible to do everything I wanted. I think it’s the best time to plan the wedding, is where we stay hours watching inspirations and dreaming how will the party, ceremony, travel, etc …

When we decide a date, I started-effectively-plan. I chose a Friday, with 1 year and 6 months in advance.

Then I got 1 month just doing math, I already had the reference and research focused on accounting. Most importantly, for me, was to plan the budget carefully. As far as possible I wanted to predict how much I could spend with the whole wedding.

It is common for brides start the guest list, but it’s no use having a huge list and not having enough money to “play.” For me, starting with the budget was more down-to-Earth.

To set the budget of my DIY wedding I did a simple account:
(my salary + salary of groom)-(fixed + variable expenses)

Multiplied the value that would have a month, by the number of months to forget for the wedding day and arrived at the total amount of the wedding budget, the budget.


Knowing the budget I chose my priorities at the wedding.  The items that were most important to me, where would invest more money.

With a lot of patience and focus that used a trick my financial management it always works. Have an emergency, a margin value of negotiation and an exception.

  • The emergency value is for if something come out of schedule. Need to increase the list, the shoes got more expensive, things that happen at the last minute.
  • The trading margin is the extra value that I would be willing to pay for something. For example, if I did a lot of matter of married on site X, or Y brand’s dress, or the food and they were more expensive than I planned I had a limit to increase my budget.
  • The exception I call the basic luxinho. The money will provide that surprise hot for the groom or bride. One thing, you don’t have to be essential to the wedding, but that would make me happy to have.

Even after all this set, it was time to go to the final prices with suppliers. But, Yes, make the guest list.

I have had no problems with the list, just to close friends and family were 180 possible guests.

Using the example above budget, 20% for the buffet would have R$ 12,000.00. A list of 150 guests, would be $ 80/person, in São Paulo can do a little simple, but decent, see? Now to a smaller list, for example, 100 people the value of the breakfast buffet could be up to $ 120/person.

That’s how I realized that everything was depedender of how I wanted my marriage and how much I was willing to pay.

Respecting my budget I closed the list in 150 people, with a margin of exception to 180.

After budget and well-defined list that I started asking REAL wedding vendor quotes.

 It is important to separate search planning, search you can see everything, you can freak out!

I googled from the our Lady of Brazil, Chapel of the PUC, restaurants, farms and even a private beach to do my wedding … My dream!

But, in planning needs to have FOCUS.

In the research I had already decided that I get married outdoors and had an idea of possible suppliers. I got in touch with at least 3 suppliers of each type of service to have a good idea of price.

But, I selected well the list, not to waste my time with visits and tastings.

Were 4 months planning, budgeting and visiting suppliers. I held the anxiety and the fear of losing the date and just started to close contracts with 12 months in advance.

My wedding planning followed a simple base: research, budget, planning, budgeting and hiring/purchases. I’m determined and I did these steps very easy, then it was just close contracts and arrange payments.

I found on a website of brides, I can’t remember the name, an example of 30000 real budget. With a few tweaks, it’s quite possible to be followed.

 Plan the wedding with real 30000

I don’t follow these percentages because I did a lot of things alone.

  • Decorations and souvenirs, handmade and were all made by me, over the course of 1 year.
  • The stationery was made by me, and produced in a wedding invitations.
  • The cakes and pastries I bought the same buffet made the cocktail and dinner.
  • The cake table candy bought the piece in a small amount.
  • I didn’t need a car rental, the ceremony took place in the same location of the party.
Everything saved in this process I used to have more quality in other services, that was my priority. As dinner served the French, special cocktails, 2 photo, 3 teams clothing options for me and 2 for fiance and a few more things … I had a wedding chic and perfect Rico and done much for me.

What I learned while planning the wedding:

  • Few suppliers know working at weddings DIY – where the bride does things, especially the decor.
  • Wedding vendors play with your head of brides. That sucks!
  • Have a plan B safe and reliable (for all) is essential.
  • If any supplier to pressure you to sign, only accepted if it is too good and you do about him at the wedding.
  • For months, much more expensive, may and December, for example.
  • Invest in a more expensive and complete buffet, it was worth it!

My stance when planning my wedding was simple and decided. I still had moments of hassle, but I didn’t give up my DIY wedding and work so well.

I hope that all the brides who read this post have the same success on your big day. If you want to talk or ask questions, I always answer the comments:)

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