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Healthy Life | 2 Diary: exams and consultations, many questions

My quest for healthy life began with a decision and went through a marathon of examinations and consultations.

I started with simple attitudes to change habits, but have medical support was essential.

Especially, 1 years here, when my body started showing signs that needed urgent care. I had a lot of questions that needed to be answered.

It took me to find the right doctors, just this week I was in 3 different doctors, endocrinologist, nutritionist and gynecologist. Not to mention the return queries on previous doctors.

It’s no exaggeration to call marathon tests and consultations, I lost count, turned me upside down and cavucaram every corner of my body.

It’s not very nice, but for the first time in my life, I’m sure the medical team I picked. Not by the names attached to it, but throughout the process that made me get this far.

I asked you to do some tests, I collected my medical history and went from doctor to doctor showing and asking.

Only when I felt really safe I started the treatment focused on picking a healthy life starting with the reeducation of eating habits.

Hormonal/emotional/physical problems are not easy, mess with things we can’t even imagine. For example, our energy, our moods, our desire to live.

It is not uncommon for women with hormonal problems having bouts of anxiety, depression, fatigue and weight gain.

Even knowing that when it happens with us is a shock. Even more because, in my case, theoretically my hormones are controlled by medication.

But nothing in the human body is accurate, every body is a body and never know how my body can react or not the right treatment.

So feel safe was important in that process. Because it’s a change of mine, I don’t want to make room for anyone to question.

I’m not explaining details of my health/life. So, in 10 years of blogging I’ve never posted on a lot of things.

Even at home, I avoid commenting too. Especially, the age and health of my mother, I don’t want to worry her. With the tests and consultations, my routine at home changing I end up giving one or another explanation.

But, I know that too much space leads to questions/unpleasant conclusions. Now, I’m not in the mood to answer, because my doctors did not respond. so …

In the end, I supported the doctors and me, to not give up and control the fear and anxiety. And I’m going relatively well, I think.

I found this confusing text, but I think it’s the fault of food restriction. But, who said a diary need to make sense, right?

Be back soon with more updates organized this process:)

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