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How to start dietary re-education?

When I decided to start the reeducation of eating habits, I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

But, if you came here thinking they’ll get tips already, hard-to-reach steps know that my dietary re-education is far less complicated than many people preach around.

I was “too thin”, with 1.70 m already weighed less than 45 kg and had difficulty gaining weight.

But, with age, the life and hormones crazy won 25 kgs. Of these 25 kg, 15 kg are above the indicated for my body type.

I feel huge, dead tired, sleepy and have a hunger for 10 caged Lions.

These symptoms are a warning, but turned up health problems and allergies that made my life change a pressing need.

  • Changing habits:

To start the reeducation of eating habits I had to take the decision to change my habits. Little by little, I identified the villains of my life and got everything (really).

My worst habits were drinking a lot of soda, eating too much sweet, don’t make every meal a day and sleeping less than 5 hours.

When I say a lot was very even. I drank at least 600 ml of soda a day, plus a sweet quantity equivalent to 1 kg of refined sugar.

After weeks of denial, I went to the second stage.

  • Seeking a professional:

Do medical follow-up with examinations regularly, but this journey started the reeducation of eating habits have a nutritionist was what changed me.

The search was not easy, with much research I came to the indication of a great nutritionist who changed my way of looking at food. She explained every detail of my feed and how I could improve it.

Then came the hardest part: the homework. When I had to put into practice the changes alone.

I started doing simple things that everyone can follow day to day:

  • Replace coffee for tea. Take a maximum of 3 small cups of coffee a day.
  • Decrease the soda, taking only 4 cups on the weekends.
  • Decrease the refined sugar in all things.
  • Change the common chocolate 80% cocoa chocolate.
  • Drink more water every day.

As I always lunch in a restaurant, I’ve been eating salad and avoid sausages and fast food. I started to cook quick dishes at home, to prevent the delivery of pizza.

It seems a small thing, but it was a very difficult process for me. I have a palate well childish and I don’t like to associate food with suffering. But, with these simple changes I lost 3 kg in 3 months, without suffering and without starving.

Oh, I still like candy, hamburgers and all that I love, but with a lot more balance!

I’m still on another journey to complete my dietary re-education: find a physical activity that I love. Hopefully, soon, more here!

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