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How to dress well with little money and few clothes?

Dress up with little money and few clothes today is not a sacrifice, but it was the only option I had during a time of my life.

If you don’t know my story, read these texts:
 [Tweet “Minha relação com o que eu visto se tornou parte do meu processo de auto-conhecimento. Hoje, mesmo podendo ter mais quantidade [de peças], I choose to have more quality. “]
  • But, how?
The amount of clothing items that I have doesn’t make a difference because I’ve lived with the incredible amount of 18 pieces. Well before the Cabinet and capsule of fashion minimalism.
There was a time that I shared a pair of “out” with my sister and the rest of my clothes were donated, most came from cousins, Church, neighbors … Is the perrengue that we learn to turn around!
Since 2012 I choose to keep my closet with “few” pieces, varying the amount according to my moment of life. Therefore, in the current consumption pattern, it seems that I always have few clothes.
But, mathematically, it’s possible to form 153 looks of the day by combining 2 parts, of a total of 18. That calculation falls on the ENEM, see? Combinatorics.
It is an exercise in creativity and to get to know my wardrobe to optimize the combinations.
With some basic examples that I apply every day gets easier to understand that my idea of how to dress well with little money and few clothes.
  • Colors
I love basic colors, blue, black, pink, grey and white. Have basic colors helps to not have problems in time to combine all colors “talk” and it is easier to mix.
If you like more colorful open the Cabinet and look for what parts can combine. Think of combinations that you’ve never tried it, try it and see how you feel.

Prove your clothes in a variety of ways, take a day to go in front of the mirror and get to know your body and its parts. Enjoy and get ready, making the donation Baggie with the parts that are just doing volume in the closet.

  • Combinations and adaptations
Have you ever thought about wearing a dress as blouse? Think you can’t? Look here:
How to dress well with little money?
A simple dress, with good fabric and a pattern that I loved in relief that I’d only use with ease in end-of-year party. But, with a superimposed he turns a blouse.
[Tweet “Adaptação é a palavra chave quando a questão é se vestir bem com pouco dinheiro e pouca roupa.”]
  • Repeat, combine and reuse
We need to accept that repeat clothes is not ugly! Who loves repeats <. 3
One of the pieces that I repeated until the lining tearing is my white blazer. Make combinations of various styles with him, since the jeans with sneakers, even the most chic socialzinho.
Another cool thing in time to dress up with little money and few clothes is to mix prints. My choices are simple not to miss.
I mix shirt stripes and polka-dot pants, put a stronger color in your shoe or belt and ready, changed the face of my clothes.
  • Let’s talk about shoes!
Buy templates that I can use with most of my clothes and that are suitable for my day to day. I have always (at least) 1 black pumps and keep the jumps between 6/8 cm are comfortable.
Another secret to dressing well is to make good choices. So, choose clothes that show your style and not only fashion.
Oh, all the photos of that post show pieces that I repeat a lot, some have already been to goodwill and other here in the closet with a few years of life.
An update: I lived with 18 pieces in a period where I was starting to work on a telemarketing firm, not hide my poor source here on the blog. Was the difficulty that I have learned to buy my clothes conscious that even having money and being able to HAVE more, it doesn’t take much to dress well.
It’s not a project, okay? That’s how I like to live.
So, the parts I have are of higher quality than those of the old days and cost more expensive but buy brand X or Y makes no difference. The quality and the fit is what determines the investment, not the label.
The mathematical model of Combinatorics is an incentive to think outside the box, out of his desire to have more and to USE MORE and BETTER USE.
How to dress well with few clothes?
  • Possible combinations
In a cabinet with 18 pieces it is possible to have: top 7 and 12 bass parts, using dressed as blouse and as skirt.
    • Without repetition you have: 84 possibilities for look of the day.
    • With repeats the possibilities increase to 153 (approximately).
Saw shirts vests, overlays of dress + skirt + shirt dress, dress + pants and etc.
A lesson I learned from my closet of 18 pieces was less pants and more options of tops/shirts. At the time I was wearing too many clothes won and there was no option to choose, but the hint:)
Do you still think you can’t wear well with little money and few clothes?

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