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Health Life | Diary 4: Packed Lunch, who’s thinking?

I never thought but do my lunch to go it’s been a very pleasant moment. I’m thinking to do this forever!

Because of the healthy snacks the second week in the restricted diet was quieter. Going to the office is easier to follow the 600 calorie diet.

I spend the day at my desk drinking water and my food options are the ones in the lunchbox. Actually, thermal bag, but I’d rather talk lunchbox because it’s cute.

I have also solemnly ignored the cakes that are always there in the office cup at breakfast time.

At home, everything changes and becomes much more difficult.

Every smell and every packet closed is a will. Especially over the weekend, with the options of gordice chasing me.

That’s why I hired a “personal chef” to make healthy lunch and dinner kings. It was the nutritionist’s recommendation and I wanted to test to see if it would really help the day to day.

The price of this kind of service frightens you at first sight.

But, I thought the kettles would be made just for me. Following the menu and all the specifications of the nutritionist. Respecting the preparation mode full of limitations and with quality ingredients.

It is more a luxury than practicality.

I need to associate this diet with pleasure, otherwise, the relationship with food is too complex. It loses its taste and can have emotional consequences.

Having a healthy food that respects the 600 calories of the diet and is still delicious is a “care” I gave.

It is that thing I am and I am not sick, I can not heal the body creating another problem for the future.

I could not do half the options that Chef Thais proposed. The diversity of dishes she made with few ingredients is incredible and I have enjoyed it very much.

I’m going to make a post with the menu and the evaluation of the dishes soon.

I’ve always had the lunchboxes with me, even when I go to my mother’s home to keep my focus.

This week it was easy to keep the diet, even with the sweet tooth.

The realization of the time is how people check the food of those who are above or below weight right? It’s not even to help, see.

Everybody bother me with the size of my packed lunch. At home, at work, in life. I can not take it anymore, in the cafeteria, in the lunch, in the lunch: “Are you going to eat ONLY that?” With those wide eyes. Worse, the person continues: “My God you’re going to die, change the doctors!”

When I ate everything I was called a dredger, the false lean, the one who gave PT in the kilo (BR name to a kind of restaurant), had solitary in the belly, came from Ethiopia…

Healthy Packed Lunch - are you going to eat this?

close, no one asks how I feel or if my exams have improved. Who thinks health is only the body on the outside and not inside, right? I remembered a text that I read in Portal Roots and talks about emotional health and how it affects physical health (click).

Ah, in the last consultation I lost 2,100 kg, totaling 3,100 kg in 2 weeks.

Next week I’ll come back with another diary and some more complaint from non-sense people 😀

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