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An attitude of gratitude: Reasons to thank!

Today is Thanksgiving, a celebration that is part of my life since 2007. On that day I do everything to keep the heart filled with an attitude of gratitude.

I try to show that gratitude to people with cards/emails, phone calls and even smiles. I also write a list of things for which I am grateful, and shouldn't, ever, forget.

I want to share my Thanksgiving list this year here in my journal and anytime I go back to read.

2016 was a year of resilience, to accept what I could not change and working hard for what was in my power.

Was a year of great financial results, in my view, of course. I'm not talking about beeing rich only, but about ay my bills, make advances in my personal economy and some great acquisitions for me.

I could provide support to my Mom in all the situations needed. Also give some gifts to (my nephew) Gu and a huge support to Isa's (my Goddaughter and niece)

The money did not remain, but still not was missed of my pocket and this is a reason of a lot of grattitude.

I always say I have a job and live independently is one of the biggest reasons for gratitude.

With the current economy of Brazil.

With the higher prices only reinforced my buying philosophy of the small entrepreneur and alternative markets.

Especially food, buy everything closer to home, cooler and in smaller quantities.

I developed many skills this year.

I'm cooking more and better. I improved my English. I began to study to open an investment portfolio (in addition to the Conservatives that I have today). Did branding courses, personal style and makeup!

It was a year to start investing in me, my happiness and my development.

One thing I never thought I'd say is that I'm learning to be a little selfish.

I've always liked to help people, give chance to others, invest in others, be loyal and help everybody. But, I'm tired of not receiving the same treatment.

I'm watching my back, giving me gifts and small treats that are all mine!

It was this year that I realized that all the achievements of my life just happened for me. This independence has strengthened me to free myself of the burden of hope that "someday someone will help me."

I started taking care of my health after hearing the diagnosis of stress or Bournout, prolactin dysfunction and a worsening in polycystic ovary syndrome.

I needed my body and my head had a shut down. But, I came to my senses and started looking for the most important person in my life: myself!.

At work I improved my technical skills and management. I took the front of decisions and even bought some fights with my Indian Chief. Not that fight is a good thing. But, in a sexist and not fair culture –  as Indian and corporate world are – establish onself is required.

In consulting the people used to say that "all pro activity will be punished". Even that didn't stop me from being exactly as I am. I was pro active where I wanted to be.

My performance evaluation proved that my results surpass my temper. And I haven't changed my ways to conquer the Indians or the client.

Biggest reason for gratitude of my life: My mother!

How was George being with her this year. I was the longest possible glued her, stuck, caring and being cared for. Lucky I have this daughter Mrs. Melanie! We fight, she orders me to stop swearing, but we love each other.

Gratitude is also view Isa growing full of health, sweet and polite. Every time I look to Isa and my mothers together, I know my attitude of gratitude you need to create a new world for Isa!

In addition to these feelings are overflowing I have days outstanding memories of 2016. These were days of struggle, the glory days.

  • Small pleasures

At the turn of the year I made the first family BBQ at home that was still "new".

I hired Fabio to took care of my kitchen on December, 31 and January, 1. He took care of everything with so much affection that was the first reason of gratitude of the year.

Give this "luxury" to my beloved is priceless!

I remember the look of pride and love my mother looked at me when he came to give me happy new year. Thank God she looks at me every day, not only for financial gains, but for everything. Need film for I never esqeuecer!

  • Goals

In the middle of last year I had to sell my first car, with 5,000 km, to make the work of the House. The feeling of frustration almost overcame the joy to be able to furnish the House.

I had put the goal to buy a new car in 1 year, what would happen in the middle of this year.

But in December I was able to buy another car, zero! No miracle, only with hard work and focus. The car arrived as my Christmas present!

Another goal that I did was to go back to travel 2 years after purchase of the House. It would be only in 2017.

But, in 1 year I could realize the dream to know an Island here in Brazil. A really desired trip that comes to crown a difficult year that changes me a lot!

I have to give thanks, every day, to see and live with the results of my work.

  • Career

It was a tough year, but I expect not last 3 months on this project and I'm already a year ago and merits. I received a very positive review of India and of the managers here from Brazil. Two managers, um from the client and one from my company, came personally to me to compliment me and applaud my deliverables.

Same with personal problems I kept a standard of quality in everything I did.

  • Blog

The blog grew, increased and the number of contacts you receive from companies increased. It was a pleasant surprise! For the first time in my life I refused invitations from advertising on the blog! Yes, I freed myself of the weight of the blog "commercial" and refused 2 publiposts that had nothing to do with me.

I'm grateful to be able to maintain this free space, with my investment and get my values above the money.

  • People

Each person who contacts saying that I helped or touched in any way your heart is a huge force in my life. People who ask me opinion, help and tips make me feel so special and I thank all my life experience.

I appreciate the difficulties that brought me here and made me who I am.

This year I grew up and I suffered internally at the same time. Growing up hurts, but it's necessary and Liberator. This year I hugged my "difficult" temperament. It's part of who I am and it's not a defect, it is a quality! The relationship problems I've had this year (pierced societies, dishonest, self-serving people and me being lame) have changed me for the better.

  • Ripening

This year there was disappointment? Had!

But, in a way lighter without suffering. Exactly why I changed my way of looking at relationships.

The sense of freedom that is to turn your back on things and people that add, just suck and have no prejudice for that, is unique.

It's more that detachment, is freedom, independence and security.

I can say that desapeguei of people in General. I learned that I can only feel free when I give my best to everyone. And if I don't get the better of someone, the "fault" is not mine.

Each one gives you have!

  • Detachment

Was the word of the year, not substantive, but emotional.

I had to start dealing with the fact that my mother is not eternal. Get ready for a day she's not here anymore. I still feel a huge fear just to think about it.

Because of it, my biggest reason of gratitude is see my Mom winning the batles of her life! Just thinking about my mommy I feel the attitude of gratitude overflowing.

Immediately, I want to cry tears of joy for her life. I'm grateful to have my mom with me up here!

"so far the Lord helped us" (1 Samuel 7.12).

This is my thanks to the universe for conspiring in my favor. It's the way that I have to increase my gratitude attitude and remember that even in bad times I have a lot to be thankful for.

When you feel you have nothing to feel gratitude start a list. Write the simple things and the everyday things, they show us how life is good!

Happy Thanksgiving < 3

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