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How I stayed more than a year without buying clothes

I was 1 year without buying clothes and don’t go around naked, you see? I never had a closet crammed full of clothes and shoes. But, at a certain point in my life I did this and I learned many things.

I like to tell you that I come from a humble family, suffered much bullying by don’t have clothes, shoes, books and etc. The bullying just didn’t hurt more than the lack, the times, the food.

As a consequence, my self esteem was never the best and my vision of HAVING to be someone was associated with better view, more and more accepted, with more friends.

Between 2009 and 2010 my life underwent big changes and I was living the grief of my Father and learning a whole phase of the battle for life and rescue of family ties.

The financial situation at home had improved, we left the rent, I was working, I got into a good College as a scholar and was receiving new life references.

With new environments, came new collections (internal and external) to adapt, acceptance and, again, the feeling of being less than the other.

In this new scenario, one seen from top to bottom, made me feel ugly, small and poor. Again the feeling of not being accepted and the bullying that rolls released in companies and colleges, like it was in the 5th grade!

This is where I had my Becky Bloom phase of Confessions of a Shopaholic, I had my first (and only) C&A card with 100 R$ of limit and that, in time, you could have a party with 100 R$.

Spent as a way to fill a void, to feel accepted as part of a group and no longer the poor girl who wore donated clothing.

It did not increase my self esteem, only increased my internal billing, I suffered, I busted me and inside I was still the same girl slum that he felt less than others.

In 2011, ended a violent and abusive relationship – with a whole person studied, made fun of my “sell lunch to eat at dinner”, but everyone said he was a good kid and I wasn’t good enough (look what low self-esteem made me pass!).

But, 2011 was the year I fell in real and realized that more than I need to be. That year, to organize my life, I started to exercise conscious consumption and build my lifestyle based on my values.

Since then I’ve been working my self-esteem, I met the minimalism and more recently the voluntary simplicity.

All this made me understand that to get 1 year (at least) without purchases I needed to redeem things from inside of me, understand my personal style and especially the needs of my life.

This step was that I began to understand what would become my motto: “more character clothing and more attitude to wealth”.

As early as 2012, with the financial life in order I could buy clothes he needed to complete my closet.

I did some cleanup, I got what I had and I saw what I needed really.

I gave a lot of clothes that didn’t speak anything about my personal style and were unsuited to my life, but they were good to use.

Then began the difficult part: when I saw something beautiful that I could buy, but not needed.

With the Bills on time, I always had a left over there on the bench, but I didn’t need anything. With this comes a saboteur, thought the deserving: “I deserve. I work so much, the accounts are up to date and the price is so good … “

This thought still beats here, see? But, my way of dealing with it is: having a goal!

I started this year, building life goals that I didn’t even know it would be possible for me. In 2013 my goal was to live those dreams.

Had party, travel and perrengue to make my dreams come true without any help.

Have a real purpose for my money is much more satisfying than buying clothes or anything else, but it requires dedication and focus.

I can say that from 2013 I didn’t buy more clothes as a way to fill in anything, follow with the finance arranged, realized dreams that I didn’t even know I could have.

I learned to dress better with the clothes I have – I haven’t been naked and was increasing the amount of parts according to the need.

Today when I need to buy clothes I do aware that clothes don’t give sense to life:)

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Did you ever think that English course, the reform of the House or to the entrance of a car can start with the simple decision not to buy clothes (or things) that you do not need to?

My motivations after 2013 were: a House, car, my mother, could support the causes I believe in. ..

Each day the motivation is renewed, even when beats that feeling of buying something unnecessary I think 2 times and on the third I’ve quit.

Became my lifestyle, it’s not a project that’s going to end and I go back to the way it was.

Today I buy less, but buy better. Buy the best quality clothes, choose pieces that have to do with my style and I’m more in love every day for the clothes I have:)

If you are thinking of getting a year without shopping, there’s a lot of post here that can help you make better use of the clothes you have, take a look:

Even for a different reality, Daniela Kopsch of Less is the New Black and Jo Mc of A year without Zara did that a year without shopping. The two became famous fashion bloggers for this project, it is worth to get to know them.

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