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7 steps to personal organization

Personal organization is the key to success in life, I believe.

Since she was very young I had to organize to be able to study and work at the same time. I don’t think the personal organisation EXPERT, but I developed my way using techniques I’ve learned working in the area of quality and processes.

Over the years I’ve been improving on work with projects and planning to apply in everything I do.

Before you start making lists and spreadsheets, the first step is to identify what upsets me.

Sometimes, it is the telephone, the internet, my anxiety, laziness or excessive activity. So, I need to look at what’s making me messy and be realistic with myself.

Learned from the art of war: Knowing who the enemy is I know how to fight.

For each of the things that clutter I have how to make a different plan of action.

Stop procrastinating is the second step.

I have to mute the phone, block Facebook, take the TV from the outlet and do a darn effort for my brain to concentrate. If I get carried away by the procrastination I get increasingly disorganized.

So, I use some techniques to focus and complete my activities and put breaks throughout the day to follow the organization without freaking out.

Now, the third step is as a psychological pressure: admit it’s embarrassing being disorganized!

Seriously, it works! Look at your stuff or schedule is all messed up and feel ashamed. This will make you want to change and strive. you’re halfway to you better and not go back.

If you do not feel ashamed yet, think about what it would be like the President of the company that you work vissitasse your desk all disorganized. Or what it would be like to lose a client/money because “your stuff is a mess” or forget an appointment or any promises there that zone that is his book of note?

Take shame in the face girl (the)-my father said-and get out of that Gabriela syndrome!

[Tweet “síndrome de Gabriela “…eu nasci assim eu cresci assim e sou mesmo sim, vou ser sempre assim…”.”]

After the shock of reality must come action. The fourth step is to move and organize what you need.

Organize your schedule, your desktop, your purse, your bedroom, your Office, your makeup, your clothes. Anyway, keep everything clean, without excess of visual pollution that helps organize the environment and ideas.

The fifth step is a continuation of the third, is to keep in mind that what can be done now, it must be done now.

Whenever I answer small questions received by email immediately. Do I short links and finish the business. Don’t build up things simple in my schedule, so the head is lighter to focus on more complex things.

To give an account of the activities, the sixth step is to classify the tasks/things on priorities.

Arrange the tasks that you have and rate according to your priorities: what needs to be solved today, which can be solved in a week and etc.

Oh, I always remember this: hobbies are not priority, ok? Work and study: Yes!

Urgent/emergencies are the top of your list, start these activities to be more organized.

The seventh step is my side you on personal organization: avoid notes in draft papers, they get lost easily.

Use a notebook computer or mobile phone to do the task list of the day and place until time to complete each activity.

Stay focused and at the end of the day you will feel the pleasure of saying: Done! √

Done-personal organization

I have a spreadsheet of personal organization-that will be available in the exclusive area of blog subscribers-done by following the concepts of the 5 ‘s.


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