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Organize routine to be happier!


Organize routine was the way I found to live amid the rush. Have routine seems to be a bad thing, but it’s not, we need to know to create our own.

I love having the freedom to do anything I want it my way. So, I had to revise my schedules, habits, my financial life and devote myself to live better and with more freedom.

Freedom and routine match, we need to forget the myth that happy people “never fall into the routine” and accept the truth of children “need” routine.

This thing to force a life never to fall into routine is not real as paint around. See the routine how life in this music:

[Tweet “”a vida é como mãe que faz o jantar e obriga os filhos a comer os vegetais, pois sabe que faz bem!” Amianto – Supercombo”]

Routine is good, not accommodation.

The benefits of organizing the routine of my life were many, but mostly, my anxiety and decreased stress and increased my productivity.

To organize the routine I take into consideration my priorities (work, home, study) and the things you want/like to do every day (cooking, writing, sports).

organize-it-all-day routine

  • Have timetables

Have time to wake up, have breakfast and get out of the House was the first step for me to become someone more organized and productive. Have timetables set helps the body and mind to work better and, consequently, the people are more productive.

-Be a punctual person make others respect you, I’m going to explain here in the text as left work always on time with the help of colleagues.

  • Piece/hire help

Having help is vital to maintain sanity and health. This help can be a cleaning lady, a ride to pick up the kids, divide the tasks with the family.

I had to fit it in my routine and let people do their role. I stopped being the “does it all” and live running, stressed and always with a feeling that I couldn’t count.

Organized for me, from time to time, pay a few maid and laundry services. It made me more productive and happy at home, at work and with me.

  • Has its moments

I was just thinking about doing a physical activity after having serious crises of estafa. Felt a helplessness and thought I had no more nothing in life except work and sleep.

In addition to the emotional stress my body got sick, so today I’m doing every day something that gives me pleasure. My glass of wine, my series, the blog and my lengthy baths

Can be 1 hour, 1 hour of silence and prayer, 30 minutes of conversation on the sidewalk. Arrange a time to enjoy, do something that gives you strength!

  • Show your routine

I learned that in life and gives very right!

Try to render the ultimate in 9 hours and near the end of the day, with my completed tasks I speak (pro client or team): “I’m leaving the 5:30 pm do you need anything?”.

Over time everyone used to respect my exit without ugly face.

At home is the same thing, everybody used to my schedule and habits. No one has to follow me, but I show my routine so that everyone respects.

  • Have discipline

Essential for anyone who wants to organize the routine is to have discipline. Persist and devote to change their habits is not easy, you have the discipline to keep your focus.

Gradually, her routine will be enjoyable and you will be able to organize other areas of life.

When I started to organize my routine, it was boring and tiring, but worth it pushing. Today I am less anxious, less stressed and recovering my health, in addition to having more productive and focused on my well-being.

To finish, I want to share 4 tips that help me to have a lighter routine:

  1. Throughout the day, take breaks to 10 minutes and try to have pleasant conversations or just be alone in silence watching the Instagram.
  2. The feeding time is sacred and it has to be easy, pro body and mind. I always try to make meals with calm, even if it’s a snack on the street or in the car.
  3. Whether at work or on the internet I avoid contact with people who do not like or things that just hurt. You know those people who only put disgrace on Facebook or just talk about work? So, I don’t have!
  4. When it hits the nervous in the middle of the day I go to the bathroom, wash your face, take a glass of water and count to 10.

These simple things help me to have a productive routine of mild form, without exaggeration. You can review your routine and see if these tips work for you.

If you like the subject organization, recommend this text that talks about how to organize routine can change our energy.

Tell me in the comments how you organize your routine? What made you want to start to organize?

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7 steps to personal organization

Personal organization is the key to success in life, I believe.

Since she was very young I had to organize to be able to study and work at the same time. I don’t think the personal organisation EXPERT, but I developed my way using techniques I’ve learned working in the area of quality and processes.

Over the years I’ve been improving on work with projects and planning to apply in everything I do.

Before you start making lists and spreadsheets, the first step is to identify what upsets me.

Sometimes, it is the telephone, the internet, my anxiety, laziness or excessive activity. So, I need to look at what’s making me messy and be realistic with myself.

Learned from the art of war: Knowing who the enemy is I know how to fight.

For each of the things that clutter I have how to make a different plan of action.

Stop procrastinating is the second step.

I have to mute the phone, block Facebook, take the TV from the outlet and do a darn effort for my brain to concentrate. If I get carried away by the procrastination I get increasingly disorganized.

So, I use some techniques to focus and complete my activities and put breaks throughout the day to follow the organization without freaking out.

Now, the third step is as a psychological pressure: admit it’s embarrassing being disorganized!

Seriously, it works! Look at your stuff or schedule is all messed up and feel ashamed. This will make you want to change and strive. you’re halfway to you better and not go back.

If you do not feel ashamed yet, think about what it would be like the President of the company that you work vissitasse your desk all disorganized. Or what it would be like to lose a client/money because “your stuff is a mess” or forget an appointment or any promises there that zone that is his book of note?

Take shame in the face girl (the)-my father said-and get out of that Gabriela syndrome!

[Tweet “síndrome de Gabriela “…eu nasci assim eu cresci assim e sou mesmo sim, vou ser sempre assim…”.”]

After the shock of reality must come action. The fourth step is to move and organize what you need.

Organize your schedule, your desktop, your purse, your bedroom, your Office, your makeup, your clothes. Anyway, keep everything clean, without excess of visual pollution that helps organize the environment and ideas.

The fifth step is a continuation of the third, is to keep in mind that what can be done now, it must be done now.

Whenever I answer small questions received by email immediately. Do I short links and finish the business. Don’t build up things simple in my schedule, so the head is lighter to focus on more complex things.

To give an account of the activities, the sixth step is to classify the tasks/things on priorities.

Arrange the tasks that you have and rate according to your priorities: what needs to be solved today, which can be solved in a week and etc.

Oh, I always remember this: hobbies are not priority, ok? Work and study: Yes!

Urgent/emergencies are the top of your list, start these activities to be more organized.

The seventh step is my side you on personal organization: avoid notes in draft papers, they get lost easily.

Use a notebook computer or mobile phone to do the task list of the day and place until time to complete each activity.

Stay focused and at the end of the day you will feel the pleasure of saying: Done! √

Done-personal organization

I have a spreadsheet of personal organization-that will be available in the exclusive area of blog subscribers-done by following the concepts of the 5 ‘s.


If you want to anticipate and to subscribe to the news blog, you’ll have access to exclusive content and once in a while, you will receive an e-mail with news, texts and some gifts: CLICK HERE.

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Routine organization tools

I don’t trust my memory and running ever prevented.

Why use routine organization tools that are part of me: without them I don’t live!

These routine organization tools I’m going to tell you is very simple. But, make a difference in my life and I really use each of them.

But, you need to evaluate what works in your life, right? If you need help: comments in the post, I answer.

My easiest way to começat the routine organization is to have a mental routine. Is one way to find out what are my everyday tasks.

For example: taking her medication, take out the trash, putting gas in the car, do pot and etc.

I always do everything in the same order and at the same time. It’s not an obsession, I need to get out of the rut I know what was missing to make, but that’s okay!

That’s not much of a tool, is a skill that anyone can develop.

At home I try to wake up always at the same time and try to resist the temptation to look at the phone before getting out of bed. I’m going to shower, eat breakfast and do everything very slowly, because my head you like no running.

In work beginning the day with 10 minute reading e-mails. 20 minutes of monitoring processes, customer responses, verification of status. In the morning I do quick things and note if I will need to return them.

I would add in my mental routine things I do periodically.

For example: every day 15 pay bills, all second mark manicure and etc.

These personal tasks that must run on schedule useful, I try to do on the way to work or on a lunch break.

Outside this mental routine routine organization tools I use are:

To do list (things to do):

I love using paper schedule with my list of tasks (to-do list) to guide my day. When I hit the eye I know what I need to do and when.

Routine organization tools-To Do List

I leave my to do list always under my mobile, over the month, to be always in sight. The ideal is to complete the list always on the same day, but if something goes wrong pass tasks on the list the next day.

Cell phone, alarms and applications:

For appointments by appointment-appointments, meetings and even medicine-I use the Iphone alarm clock, calendar that synchronizes with my e-mail and Google Calendar.

Routine organization tools-mobile apps

And, to have my to-do list always with me I use mobile applications. There are so many that I want to do a post just about them soon.


I use many worksheets in my day to day in my working method is the best way to produce. Keep all the Google Drive for easy access from anywhere and always nominate the archives to facilitate the search.


I suggest using Google Apps for Business as a basic tool for calendar, emails, spreadsheets and other super powers.

Techniques to optimize productivity:

+ organization + productivity.

I use the Pomodoro method to help me perform tasks long that need a lot of concentration. Are periods of 25 minutes with scheduled breaks.

Routine organization tools-pomodoro

This technique helps me develop long specifications, data and text analysis.

It is scientifically proven that share complex tasks into smaller periods help the brain to have more results.

My most important tip is: don’t think of as something bad routine, routine is what makes us take care of everything!

If you want to achieve their goals of life will have to organize your routine, start with these simple actions and I’m sure you’ll get results!

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How to organize daily routine?

How to organize the daily routine without going crazy and becoming a robot?

I love to do everything in my life with freedom. But, freedom without a routine becomes a libertinage, messy! In order not to get caught up in the ostracism and complacency of mediocre life that my generation lives, it is necessary to create a routine.

Organizing the daily routine is what guarantees me to make the most of my life and the things I have achieved.

Let's forget the myth of happy life that "never falls into the rut" and think of the benefits that claim "children need routine."

Body and brain need a level of routine to be 100% healthy and give us more potential for life. When I wanted to create a nice life routine I followed these steps and until today I come back here to read and see if I need to adjust anything.

How to organize the daily routine in 5 simple steps:

1. Have set schedules

Having time to sleep and wake up, consequently to get to and from work, was the first step to being more organized, productive and happy. Having defined schedules helps the body and mind to work better and the day to work. You will be a punctual person and others will respect this (I will explain later how to leave work always on time with the help of colleagues).

  • Do I make exceptions? Of course! Ever! If I want 🙂

2. Know where I need help and where I can find it.

Help is paramount to maintain sanity and health. My help is a cleaning lady from time to time and the services that help me at home: laundry, treadmill and etc. When I'm not going to deal with it. Embed this help in your financial routine if appropriate. But, also, let people play their part. Do not want to be the one doing everything, delegating tasks (and collecting them).

3. Create moments of pleasure in the routine

I needed to suffer a lot with my health (physical and emotional) to take care of myself. I had a sense of helplessness before life and felt that I did not do anything good in my day. I assumed that I am a simple person and the greatest pleasure of my life is in doing simple things. That is why I reserve moments only for my well-being. One hour of reading, quiet and prayer, 30 minutes of conversation or retouching the makeup before a stressful meeting. I invent times on the day to enjoy myself and to do simple things that give me pleasure.

4. I showed people how my routine works

Even though I miss a few coffee breaks with the guys, I make my day pay in 9 business hours. Towards the end of the day, with my completed tasks, I put myself at ease: "I'm leaving at 5:30 pm Do you need anything else from me?" With the time everyone got used to it, they saw that I was punctual and correct with my schedules and, therefore, they started to respect my exit without an ugly face.

  • Time after time, does something get me out of the rut? Yes! And what do I do? I adjust my activities without stress because having a routine I know what I can or can not do.

5. Routine only works with dedication and discipline

My routine only works when I dedicate myself and everyone sees it. When they do not see I show to them 😀 My bosses began to see that I delivered the tasks on time, respect schedules and stopped calling the meeting at 5:15 pm. Teach with an example is better than the whole sermon of the mountain, my mother used to say that. If you engage in your routine you have the moral to demand from others that you do the same.

  • I speak a lot about the time of leaving work because I work far far away from my home 🙂 if I do not leave on time everything is off my control.

4 simple things that have helped me to have a daily routine lighter and happier:

  • When I stop for coffee I jump over here on my blog or in my Fanpage, I see happy things and I laugh.
  • At lunch, I always stop to talk to someone, read a book or write some.
  • In my moments of pause – coffee/lunch/dinner – I try only to have contact with people that I like.
  • I avoid in real life and virtual bad news, newspapers, and everything that diminishes my vibe.
  • When the stress strikes, I go to the bathroom, wash my face, drink a glass of water and count to 10. Not even if I sit in the bathroom until passing my stress 🙂

Even when the routine it is long and tiring does to us a real good. We need it to grow and build valuable and enduring things.  It is enough to give value to what is real. Stay focused and do not deviate from our values.

Life is simple people, but, it's not a fairy tale. In the real world, no one spends hours laughing, distracted, and still receives a crown of glory.

We need to be focused to reach our full potential. That is why they say: the world is not of the mediocre, they can go far, but they do not support themselves 😉

To conclude I recommend reading the text: "The routine in favor" from Abílio Diniz's website with some movie tips that deal with the benefits of routine.