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Wash and dry LG: simple Home Repair

This story began two years ago, when I had to think about washes and Dries LG or Samsung: how to choose?

After two years of using the wash and dry LG I had a surprise, nothing happy. This post is to share the experience and maybe help someone in a similar situation?

Saturday is my day, so I turned on the machine and surprise: the water started dripping from the front. A waterfall coming out of dispenser of SOAP and fabric softener.

A few minutes in shock and I turned off the machine and went to GOOGLE.

But before I show you how I made this simple repair at home, I want to tell you how my wash and dry LG broke!

The internet spread many tips that supposedly make life at home. Was following one of those tips that I broke my wash and dry.

Many bloggers have given as tip for cleaner clothes put a bar or SOAP shavings Vanish in the dispenser along with other products.

It potencializaria your washing … That’s fact, Vanish SOAP is great, I’m still using always. The problem is how to use!

* Has bloggers that indicate use Lux SOAP to wash your clothes with the same way.

After using two bars following the lead of the bloggers was where my wash and dry broke. I did the bar SOAP chips and was using the dispenser.

But, the slivers of bar SOAP mixed with detergent and water becomes a folder that the lava and dry does not process.

This folder will accumulate in the pipe that connects the dispenser to the basket and can cause entopimento-it happened here at home!

wash and dry lg-dispenser clogged

Image taken from Google Images, I couldn’t find the source:(

The fix was simple, remove the washer and dry LG is pretty easy, but only if your machine is not on the factory warranty, ok?

The video has the explanations and the walkthrough is here below:

1-remove the top cover.

2-drop the dispenser without taking it apart.

3-loosen the rubber hose and wash it

4-clean the pipe output to the drum: here rolled gambiarra with spoon and a caninho.

5-test if the water goes down without difficulty: it is normal to hold the flow hose because of the format in S.

6-putting it all together again.

I hope my experience will help you not to fall into that trap of internet tips. Bar soap in the wash and dry: never!

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Cleaning and organizing the House

I confess that I’m a housewife, but I need to keep the House in order. 2 cats are a baguncinha, you know? I adapted some methods for cleaning and organization of the House without his moods.

I use methods of time management and productivity: how the Pomodoro, the GTD and the Fly Lady that is focused on cleaning and organizing the House. I love creating mental challenges and hacks for me to do things, then the Pomodoro challenges me to perform tasks from home in 25 minutes.

  • Separate every day a time to clean up and organize, even when I have just 15 minutes makes all the difference!

Organize tasks with the GTD, list activities and the period that I have to do them: daily, weekly or monthly. To have a script using the Fly Lady but I don’t follow the letter because he focuses on women who stay at home (or spend a good time at home) which is not my case.

  • I know my place and routine, know which room needs to be cleaned and how it needs to be done, so write it down in a list of tasks per day.

I try to share the routines between Organization and maintenance cleaning even.

  • It is essential to share tasks with all the people of the House;)

Then I do a schedule of tasks and that-in my methodology-occupying 25 minutes out of my day, these tasks are used to keep the House clean and in order, even with little time.

My morning is well run, get out of the House the 5:30 Monday through Friday, so I leave when I have more time-reality check, not to freak out.

Whenever I reserve a time to organize the kitchen or bathrooms I clean countertops, stove, sinks and etc., avoid leaving dishes in the sink and things scattered. So, the small droppings of the day didn’t see a zone.

  • Make the bed every day is a habit that makes the room be more harmonious and according to the Buddhists, begins to prepare the mind to start the day:) is worth trying.

Are simple tasks, with practical ways to be held, just discipline. Does anyone have more tips, if you want to share or ask questions just comment:)