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My DIY Wedding Decor

Did I ever tell you how I did my my DIY wedding here, everything was done for me, alone and with money well controlled on the tip of the pencil.

Today we completed 2 years, cotton anniversary and I want to set a date with this post super special and exciting for me.

There's even video! < 3

The items I chose to invest more on marriage were:

  • Photo and video, I had 2 different teams.
  • Buffet service (food) and bar (drink).
  • Location of the ceremony and party.

But, why do wedding decoration alone?

My life is full of meanings, symbols and details. I wanted to put those features into every detail of the wedding. I wanted to express my energy and my faith in every corner of the marriage, but I couldn't find anyone who would embrace this dream.

What did I do?

First I received many criticisms, no one offered to help and I cried too, see? But during 12 months I collected bottles and items to decorate, bought every little thing and I was riding slowly.


I worked with events, and used that experience to organize and define what I needed. After: a lot of research, and Google hits.

  • I chose a beautiful place with small personal touches was perfect for my taste.
  • I closed my eyes to the trends and opinions of others: my taste was the focus.
  • Set the colors, and I haven't changed my opinion for a second: it was focus and knife in the skull.

9801 Casamento_DIY_Lis_Marlon


How was do the decoration on their wedding day?

I made it very clear in my mind that what went wrong or different in the day was just have patience. The day of the wedding was not to stress, was to enjoy and know that I did my best.

Did the best and who like me (and groom) would understand any "faults". Even though it's a very demanding, the meaning of marriage, to me, was not.

I hired a team of support and was very honest: "I'm going to decorate the wedding day and I need you guys to help me, it's just going to be loading and packing, ok?"

My only requirement was that the team knew the place, for if this some shit, they'd know where to run.

9788 Casamento_DIY_Lis_Marlon

I made a plan, a schedule, and follow everything to the letter. 

I organized me financially to know when buying each piece of décor, items for souvenirs and etc.

No running, no debts, all divided into the 17 months that lasted for the production of the wedding.

9787 Casamento_DIY_Lis_Marlon

Two weeks, or less, before the wedding I had to ask for help:

I had already done much of the craftsmanship, origamis, lace, fasteners, laces and details, but there was mounting.

I asked help from several people, but only my uncle and Godfather of marriage must really. At his house, the neighbours-people who didn't even know me-have been helping and it was beautiful!

In 2 weekends it was all ready: more than 300 bottles decorated and 300 boxes of souvenirs assembled!

Last week I rode the booties for the guests, with the tags that I made. My sister-in-law bought his tie cut, I sent my dress for laundry-which was already properly scheduled.

Still closed a special bar drinks (with a few bucks left over). Thank God, good things happen to good people:)

9784 Casamento_DIY_Lis_Marlon

A day before the wedding:

Ah, calm on the day 13 (2 days before the wedding) my second dress, party, bought at the last minute because I was waiting for the money. I wanted something more sexy and comfortable to the party and FEDEX delivered it right!

14 day I closed one of the hotels of honeymoon calmly, waited for the best price and left home to go to buy flowers at Ceagesp dawn. In the van, with old floor. Turned the night by choosing, bargaining and breaching security.

I remembered I had no time to get out of the fair, the Venerable in Ceagesp, walked like camel and loaded a darn weight: with a huge smile on his face and speaking with pride that was getting married the next day.

The Venerable didn't share of animation, was well stressed out and took a super hard time not to annoy me and stop being the bride. PITI on my wedding day just if it was mine!

In the end, I was proud of having bought the flowers I wanted paying ANYTHING-I spent less than 200 R$ in flowers. I was very grateful because I had help from some retailers out of the Ceagesp:) through the docks


I went back to my mom's House, I slept 3 hours and it was time to go to the site! Bora in Van, laden with flowers and I was at chop, 1000 energy!

That day I learned to keep my energy and my good vibration just up to me!

I got the Brigadier in the Groupon purchased cake-nothing more-well before the sets, see?


I hired a great hairdresser and a great makeup artist: 

They not only understood that I would not be a bride like me helped, no ugly face.

I told them I would just stop everything, to get ready, after the 12:00-my wedding was the 4:30 pm on the invitation.

I didn't want to be late, we set the hair and I was doing the arrangements. After the Assembly, which was coordinated by the staff.

I was going to oversee and indicating where to put everything.


Everything went in the most perfect order, as planned.

4:30 pm I looked beautiful, ready! I enjoyed until a quick wedding and hydro delayed thanks to mother-in-law-Oh life!

9786 Casamento_DIY_Lis_Marlon

Guess what I heard all the wedding plans?

"You're the most calm bride I've ever seen!" Our as you're calm. " "Girl like you can arrange everything so that easy?" 


Anyone who knows me knows I'm a very stressed and perfectionist, what changed was: my DIY wedding would be perfect for me and that was the only thing that mattered.

The things that went wrong were insignificant: I didn't realize and no one noticed. The decor was not perfect. Had details that I certainly had to ignore. But no one imagined that I had done everything alone there in the day.

Was delicate and full of meaning.


Everything is here in the pictures was made by me.

The swag decoration, of the bottles to the cake table arrangements. Until my bouquet I made as I imagined:) but thanks a LOT!

My DIY wedding is a point of pride, you know? I love remembering each step, even the most difficult!


My tips for anyone who wants to do a DIY wedding:

  • In General, no one supports the bride who says he will decorate the wedding. Not discouraged, okay?
  • Choose the location of the wedding, it's easier when the place is beautiful.
  • Research and study hard. Close an idea and has focus, organization and planning.
  • Hire good people and that embrace your dream!
  • Don't despair if something goes wrong: be patient! What has no solution, solved is. Don't be stubborn and learn to compromise, no drama.
  • Know that the most important thing is your love!


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The decoration of the heroes of Marvel that every geek wants to!

decoração herois da marvel - destaque

New décor doesn’t have to be full of information, you know? Can you make a decoration of the Marvel Heroes without look like childish or too loaded in colors.

I dig the Marvel Heroes. Here at home the fight DC x Marvel is strong and I don’t care for this thing to be old enough to like comics, see?!

But, of course, leave it to me, bath towel and bed linen didn’t fit in a decoration of the heroes of Marvel semi-adulta respectable. Sorry!

I really like is of details, that charm of one or another touch that has our guy in the House.

For example, the light fixtures, you know? In addition to useful can still efeitar a corner with books, comic books and comic strips.

marvel heroes decor-luminaria hulk marvel heroes-decor glass lamp-iron man-iron-man

Is the nerd corner perfect for selfies. I love selfies, sorry 2.

You can get home and industrial décor complete with heroes from Marvel, without losing the rustic and strong industrial thing.

marvel heroes-room decoration

This industrial decoration is signed by Design House, an interior design firm with headquarters in Taiwan.

Have the shield of Captain America, which has the picture of the apartment above, done in iron is collector’s item.

If you’re not a collector who invests in these more expensive items, the wall stickers if used in moderation can be the highlight in the decoration of the heroes of Marvel. With the bonus can be exchanged very easily.

marvel heroes-wall decor

When I say moderation I mean not a bandage on a whole wall, huh? I think this is for the children’s rooms even.

Another simple touch and easy to find are the cushions of decoration of the heroes of Marvel. Has many variations of patterns on the market, from vintages until in pop art. Just pick the one that matches the style of your home.

The item that I consider to be the coolest in the decoration of the Marvel Heroes are the frames. In fact, I love and want to do a mural at home.

marvel heroes-decoration pictures

Can be minimalist and clean using a few details of heroes to decorate. It’s all about taste and balance.

marvel heroes-minimal decoration

Another detail that only nerds can draw? How about the Mjolnir as a bookend? I think that would look great in a woody environment super:D #lol adult

decoration of the Marvel Heroes-support-of-books-mjolnir

Oh and everything in this post is just my opinion, not rules, OK? Decor is like!