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My story with the blog

I can’t talk about the blog, not to mention a little of my life story.

I’m enjoying to re-inaugurating the new layout and I want to reintroduce me here. I want to open my heart again to tell you a little bit of who I am and my history with the blog.

From 9am to 6pm I’m an IT business processes consulting – but I have been working in a lot of positions such as telemarketing operator, Nanny, and a receptionist at a gym among other things in this life.
I have a degree in advertising with a specialization in digital communication and Information technology with an emphasis in project management.
I studied photography, design thinking, fashion, dance, mythology, music, theology, drama and I think I’m going to study other 1000 things in this life.
But, before my life be that I share here I had to change my whole world with small actions of kindness. That’s where I decided to write about everything that made me happy as a form of distraction.
Gradually, my first blog – in PT-BR Coisitas de Luxo – a blog-bazar that among the few hours in a lan-house or school taught me to build my vision of beauty, fashion, and consumption.
Today I know that when I started blogging I was living a very sad time, but it was transformative.
I was a poor girl with low self-esteem and inferiority complex that was hitting his face on the wall. My job from my Dad and a few security guards who thought I had. It was a battle to find the way back to life after the fight.
But, at the same time, with my first blog I won the first money coming from the Internet. Followed by a lot of freelancers opportunities that have saved, several times, the life in my home.
It was in the first beginning of this world of blogs, the internet was a new discovery and I have begun to dream of a better life.
Even my 20-something years, I had no dreams and didn’t even know it was possible to dream.
The blog was my escape, I filtered my days talking about fashion and beauty, places and flavors … Starting a big change in my life.
Of the blog I started work with the internet, write to companies and build a career freelancer in communication. Needless to say, the pieces saved ($) the life many times, right?
Then followed life, the freelances have become jobs after college, specialization and even a company.
The pleasure of having my virtual space never abandoned me, even in the midst of depression: writing makes me lighter.
So, here we are!
11 years after placing my first blog on air I keep writing … I still have the blog as part of my life.
Some people don’t understand, but this is my story 🙂
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Why have a blog?

Why have a blog nowadays?

When I started thinking about a new blog, again, the questions were the first to emerge.

With almost 29 years, two cats, a good job, a nice House that not finished decorating, new car in the garage, routine, marriage, House, life … Everything has become reason to wonder why have a blog?

Not to mention the opinion of others, that is another chapter of my story. 

After months of thinking and putting impecílios I started to remember the reasons that made me create my first blog: the Things of luxury in 2005.

I remembered that difficult time, which was followed by a terrible depression, where the only thing that made me think about things “better” was the blog.

Write and think about things that I liked, but they were light years far from my reality, was what kept me alive for that period of mourning and loss.

It was with this motivation that I actually reinvented myself my space on the internet and get a taste for writing, every day a few lines …

Write anyway.

Do it for you.

Even if it’s not a success

Even if it’s not really deep

Even if you’re not confident

Even if you think you’re going to do it later (trust me, you won’t)

Even if someone wrote about the same thing this morning

Even if it’s Friday and no one will see your text

Even if it’s just some random thoughts

Even if it’s very intimate

Even if you only have a few minutes

Even if you didn’t even finish

Write anyway.

You don’t need to write a masterpiece.

Write your thoughts easier.

Start with a line.

Put some ideas out of your head.

Put into words.

See what happens next.

Do it now.

Because, why not?

You know, my father is almost 60 years old today.

He told me he always dreamed of writing a book, since 20 years.

He never did that.

Because he hasn’t found the perfect title.

He ended up giving up.

You will also spend 40 years thinking about writing something before you start?


If you think about writing

Even if it’s just for you

Write anyway.

[Tweet “Se você pensar sobre escrever, mesmo que seja só para você, escreva de qualquer jeito.”]

This text was published by Thomas Despin and answered my questions about why have a blog, so here we are!

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The subjects most read blog posts

I keep some files since 2005, after studying all of them, I want to tell you the most read topics in the blog.

After I saw my files, I realized how much the subjects that share part of my life and decided what I’m going to stay or not on the blog from now on.

It was an incredible experience to see all that I shared on the web since the old Blig! I dare say that my knowledge of digital content, the subjects most read in 2016 are not very different from those of 2005, see?

From 2005 to 2009 the blog was the Things. It was the most simple of the blog, I spent the free blogger have my domain (which today regret not maintained).

At the beginning I talked a lot about clothes, shoes, handbags, hair, etc. All I would like to have and, at that time, was a distant reality.

They were simple things, but I was learning to want to dress better, feel less ugly and deal with my self esteem. I was starting to work in an Office (and I was selling Avon to pay the College), after years of being a receptionist at the gym, babysitter and housekeeper. It was a new and beautiful world for me.

I was browsing the top trends of the moment and its more affordable versions (cockroaches). Because I was poor to buy the trends, but was smart enough to know to adjust my reality! 🙂

The subjects most read blog posts were:

  • Street fashion: looks from the streets, with my vision of what was in high fashion. I took pictures from the internet and commented or took pictures of looks that I liked on the streets (without authorization, the crazy!).
  • Brazilian version: versions “copies” of glazes, handbags and imported products that I only knew online.

During this period I still had my thrift store online along with the blog, I met a lot of people online and did very good business here.

From 2009 to 2010 I entered deep into the vibe: fashion, beauty products and makeup. I was starting to grow in the job and got into college. How was the only scholar-really poor-of the College I sought madly social acceptance, wanted to be part of the group. Of course I would never be accepted in that middle, I wasn’t part of it, but it was a time of much learning.

The most popular topics were:

  • Find cosmetics: the cosmetics that I shared via the internet and its benefits.
  • Work: Cabinet Office, corporate fashion looks and tips on how to get ready for work taking bus, train, metro …

Was funny talk about looking good in these conditions. Poor me! Today I see that it was my escape from the suffering of my father’s illness, the difficulties.

Keep the blog and not to mention the difficulties of my life and not my father’s death was my way of living the grief and the difficulty.

I think that my made stronger. It was during this period that I left the religious life and sought other avenues for my vocation.

After that whirlwind of suffering, from 2011 to 2012, I have met and been involved actively with the conscious consumption and minimalism as lifestyle. I met several other religions, I studied philosophy and sought answers to my questions of life.

It was here that I realized that my inferiority complexes and my self-esteem would be a key to my personal development. That emptiness that I needed fill was not made out of things, but self-respect!

During this period my financial life became the center of my efforts. I work in 2, 3 and even 4 jobs at once: and thanks a lot!

Needless to say, that the subjects most read were about my findings: fashion conscious, Minimalisto and financial life.

In my recent past, 2013 to 2015, made the biggest changes (planned) of my life. Married, bought houses, cars, I studied more, I invested in my business and I wanted to talk about a real lifestyle.

I never dreamed I’d get married, have a House, a car or eating in restaurants. I didn’t know that was possible and that these experiences is that would be the most important of my life.

When I started to win these things, contrary to the statistics of who was poor and slum I want to share on the blog as it was possible.

I started writing about how you can accomplish great things with a common life without dreams and-apparently-without opportunities. I started talking about my life to people who, like me, we don’t earn their living easy and who seek to have a simple life, but full of small pleasures.

In recent years increasingly shared my way of living, of doing simple things of everyday life and learning that I was getting in this new phase.

I spoke to a few things legal, some hot food and cool places that I met. Told of miracles!

Most read topics over the years were:

  • Life of a housewife: in particular the tips of products and menus.
  • Planning, finance and organisation: in particular the posts with worksheets to download are the most read in the last 3 years.
  • Versatile fashion: since I lost the shame and started the looks of the day, the compiled with tips are very well accepted.

And now, mid-2016?

This year was the year of the posts with textão, all most read are between 800 and 1200 words.

  • My relationship with consumption: in raised the texts more accessible are the ones I told of my life, as I fashion, beauty and even consumption products.
  • Real life fashion: another type of post that I love to do and I was very happy to be so well received. Show how I dress, how I do I optimize my Cabinet and my real-life fashion tips.
  • Planning, organization and finance: always on the rise, these subjects that I love are still very useful in blog. I’m happy!
  • Products, evaluations and reviews: Are products that use, things I do, places I know. I write to save on memory, I was surprised to be among the most read.
What are the subjects most read blog posts from here on out?

Good question! But, I don’t know the answer. But, I’ll keep writing about the things I like and that are part of my life. I will continue writing the blog to learn and share, without claim to be the most widely read. The blog is about my lifestyle and not about numbers.

If you have any ideas on the subjects most read for years to come I would love to know! And, of course, tell me in the comments what subjects interest you?

most read topics in blogs
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A new blog, again!

Start a new blog for me is like an exercise, a haircut or a new outfit. I love the excitement of change, the hiring of staff, from planning, to put his hand in the cookie jar.

But, nothing excites me as much as the day of the Go Live! Yes, put it all in the air, no more tests and now is the time for the project to go into produção.*

* (Excuse the jargon of the project area and is the usual!)

The style for life now is Lis. Life!

The blog has been the luxury Thingy then went to Life Style. But, will never cease to be my place to express my passions and share my lifestyle!

I love writing, it’s a hobby that keeps me happy and moving. I will not hand having my blog while I have the urge to write to learn and create.

I’m still using the “for life” as a figure of speech, it’s my favorite hyperbole. 🙂 But, the Style name to Life, is not what I want to share. With the Style name to Life, the blog was associated with the look of the day, fashion blog.

The blog never took care of it with exclusivity. In fact, the Instagram was more about fashion than the blog.

I didn’t not like old blog. But a new guise motivates us and helps us to get rid of an outdated image of ourselves.

Another thing that helped me in the decision to make a new blog, went to study.

This year I have done courses in: branding, content and media, digital planning. I was at a workshop on trends in the market of communication and consumption in Latin America.

I did a mini course on user experience and willingness to read. In fact, I desenferrujei the techniques I learned in college.

All this knowledge and information has increased my desire to change the blog. Each learning reinforced my desire to have a space with my identity.

I really wanted to simplify the image of the blog and give prominence to the content.  The previous layout, I kept the navigation features that are simple and quick. The menu is more practical. Organized and I’m reviewing the tags old content.

For this new blog I still had a team of weight to help me!

The novelty is Raquel Leitzke, designer I met by the Group of students in AG BrandingPrabal Limeira, which set part of the programming of the old layout-all that is hard for me, it was her! And remain being the client Via hosting, there are more than 5 years (I think) that Via’s true love!

These professionals deserve applause for meet my perfectionism and understand my crazy conversations!

My challenge was to apply the many hours of study in branding, organization and tags. But in the end I even programmed some parts of the layout and I think I did well! (SEO is the strong, brother!).

I had to hold my own perfectionism and I concluded that I’m not easy!

But, the result is: a new blog again!

New positioning, brand new, responsive, layout content revised and published in 2 languages.

  • gradually I will updating you of publications in other languages.

I’m very happy for this project successfully completed and look forward to hearing what you think of the new blog:)

Please, let me know if you find any mistake and tell me if you liked?