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Healthy lunch-gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and oil-free.

A Sunday of these I got home, my mother and my godmother and I wanted to make a healthy lunch for them.

They deserve only the best and take care of them, even if only a little bit is a pleasure of my life.

I wanted to also show that you can make good food gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and oil-free.

The two are old ladies and their health calls for attention, but it's hard to change the shape of them cook and change the taste of those who live with them. For a day, I wanted to make a simple lunch, healthy and with everything that they always ate and cooked at home.

I believe more than talk in diet, which may or may not eat, you help more teaching by example.

If someone in your family needs improve habits make a healthy lunch for this person shows that you can eat well and with pleasure being healthy.

No pressure, eating with pleasure and lightness. Gradually becomes a habit and not a disease.

At home I have only healthy food options, with more natural ingredients and when Cook is just real food.

I moved and got for me that was the best move I made.

I'm not an expert in healthy cuisine, but the basic changes made in recent months helped my health and want to spread it to the world, starting with my family.

Of course I do my concessions, a good wine, soda every once in a while, chocolates, cakes and ice cream are my delight.

All well balanced and with moderation: this is the secret.

Returning to healthy lunch I adapted recipes for comfort food on Sunday, was healthy and heart, you know?

On my mother or godmother's House Sunday was day of pasta with chicken. This was the Special menu for everyone, I love passion!

I adapted with great simplicity-why am I not the beautiful Gil right mores? -in 1 hour a healthy lunch and dessert was served.

I chose a full gluten-free noodles with tomato sauce goatee and with mature gouda cheese-that has lactose, but only a little.

I have complemented with chopped vegetables and steamed and then sprinkled the spice. Green beans, carrots, asparagus and potatoes with a touch of black pepper, cumin and spices.

Almost everything was no salt added because the spices already give the flavor and when used salt, Himalayan pink salt was that is the one I have at home.

Healthy lunch-gluten-free, no sugar, no oils and dairy

The roasted chicken with potatoes, came from the butcher shop in the neighborhood. I dried the oil with paper towel, watered with flavored water vegetables and took him to the oven for drying more-take the oil. Serve to my guests without skin:)

Let tomatoes goatee on the table for those who wanted to have that tomato PLOC along with the food.

As life cannot be boring we had dessert with face of mother house, but with my adjustments.

Was rice pudding without refined sugar and all dairy-with condensed milk diet and lac. Mom went to stove to me, why the rice pudding is best in life and was delighted in how the IRS became lighter and nothing cloying, but thinks very expensive these products that I buy.

Sad reality:(I can only agree.

For afternoon tea, invented a banana cake gluten free, dairy free, no oil, no sugar. Recipe that I made up myself, I took the aquantidades of common homemade pasta and cakes was changing.

It was a Sunday delight, warm heart, full belly and eating clean!

The recipes are all my adjustments, in my head while I cook always show in the stories, there follows: lis. lifestyle.

How about you be inspired and make a healthy lunch for you and your family?

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How to make sushi at home?

Como fazer sushi em casa?

Making sushi at home is something new for me, whoever follows me on the Snapchat / Instagram sees that I always ask Sushi delivery or I end up in some good restaurant around my hometown.

I love Japanese food, I love with all the strength of my worms! Which are many, have you?

That’s why I learned this
simple recipe to make Sushi at home. Which helps me to maintain food re-education and kill the will without putting my foot in the jackfruit!*
In PT-BR “enfiar o pé na jaca” means eat a lot and run away of your diet. It’s funny when we speak in Brazilian Portuguese #lol

Do sushi at home is theoretically easy, but you need ingredients of the highest quality and time until you hit the spot.

My choice of homemade sushi is vegetarian, to be even easier!

The main tip is to pay attention to the rice spot, do not overdo it in the vinegar and the sugar is optional. Everything well balanced is the secret. Made the rice and in the right place, you can roll in various ways and “stuff” or “cover” with whatever you want.

Let’s go to the recipes:

Avocado Nigiri with Cucumber:


For rice

  • 1 ½ cup rice for sushi
  • 1 tablespoon sake – I get the whole bottle right away to go drinking while I cook #cheers
  • 2 ½ tablespoons rice vinegar
  • 1 ½ teaspoon of sugar
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt

Another detail that gives a special touch is put a little bit of green shisô if you like it.

Preparation of rice

  1. Wash the rice until the water starts to come out transparent. Let it drain until all excess water has run out.
  2. Put the rice in a pan with 1 2/3 cup of water and sake (and the shiso, if you like) and bring to a high heat until it boils. Once it has boiled, reduce the heat to low, cover the pan and cook for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and allow to rest with the lid for another 10 minutes.
  3. Add the vinegar, sugar and salt in a bowl. Mix well until smooth.
  4. Put the rice in a bowl. Gradually add the vinegar mixture, mixing gently, not to crush the rice. After thoroughly mixing, cover with a cloth and let cool.

To do the nigiri

  • 1 to 2 teaspoons wasabi paste (I prefer to use cream cheese)
  • Very thin slices of stuffing / avocado and cucumber cover – but, it can be anything else, mango or even salmon 🙂
  • Shoyo
  • Large basil leaves (to taste) or seaweed for sushi, we will use to curl.

Method of preparation

  1. Make rice rolls with 2 fingers thick for the nigiri.
  2. Place a drop of wasabi or cream cheese on top of each roll. It will serve as a “glue” to the cover.
  3. Put on top of the rice roll: 2 slices of avocado and 2 slices of cucumber, interspersed. You can use fish, fruit, skin and etc.
  4. Roll the nigiri with basil leaves cut in half.
  5. Serve with the shoyu.

This recipe makes 12 well-served nigiris. The Japanese rice pack yields a lot, several dinners at least: D

Making sushi at home does not get nearly to work but begs for patience and time.

I’m getting a taste for this cooking thing, huh? Tell me if you’ve ever tried anything sushi at home?

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Tips for testing pre wedding

Everything at my wedding was done in a simple way and thought to be practical and have my face.

The pre wedding trial was a plus, was not within the original budget, but I wanted to give away.

I decided that the pre wedding photos would be used in the decoration of the party and, later, in my house. That's why I took everything to the test with a certain caution, for it was natural and fit in the tight budget the eve of the big day.

Thus, the investment has more sense than just posting on Facebook:)

essay-pre-wedding _ DSC0654-MOTION

Started researching photographers outside my region, which were outside the METIER of marriages, the same criteria used to choose the wedding photographers.

essay-pre-wedding _ DSC0471

  • If you want an essay on the beach, place the shift in care.

Most exciting photographers, who are always at the fairs, charge by name, by their brand-what is fair, you know? I'm not talking about expensive or cheap, because it is relative. But, it is important to search because it is not only the most famous photographer that will deliver a quality service.

essay-pre-wedding _ DSC0729

Needless to say, security, right?

essay-pre-wedding _ MOTION

So much so that on the day of pictures, my brother was there with my nephews, the Gu and the Isa, that would be my page and my.

The photographer had the courtesy to click them without us or 3 < ask, you know? This is a careful so special, that shows that she was there to tell our story.

essay-pre-wedding _ DSC0297 essay-pre-wedding _ DSC0300

Composed of wreaths, white clothes and etc, if not its vibe will only leave you.

essay-pre-wedding _ DSC0869-MOTION

essay-pre-wedding _ DSC0198

essay-pre-wedding _ DSC0380

What makes all the difference is you are at ease and comfortable. Everything from the clothes, the location and the team must leave you in your secure environment, to smile wonder:)

Hold the anxiety and controls the fighting saw?

essay-pre-wedding _ DSC0786-MOTION

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Wash and dry LG: simple Home Repair

This story began two years ago, when I had to think about washes and Dries LG or Samsung: how to choose?

After two years of using the wash and dry LG I had a surprise, nothing happy. This post is to share the experience and maybe help someone in a similar situation?

Saturday is my day, so I turned on the machine and surprise: the water started dripping from the front. A waterfall coming out of dispenser of SOAP and fabric softener.

A few minutes in shock and I turned off the machine and went to GOOGLE.

But before I show you how I made this simple repair at home, I want to tell you how my wash and dry LG broke!

The internet spread many tips that supposedly make life at home. Was following one of those tips that I broke my wash and dry.

Many bloggers have given as tip for cleaner clothes put a bar or SOAP shavings Vanish in the dispenser along with other products.

It potencializaria your washing … That’s fact, Vanish SOAP is great, I’m still using always. The problem is how to use!

* Has bloggers that indicate use Lux SOAP to wash your clothes with the same way.

After using two bars following the lead of the bloggers was where my wash and dry broke. I did the bar SOAP chips and was using the dispenser.

But, the slivers of bar SOAP mixed with detergent and water becomes a folder that the lava and dry does not process.

This folder will accumulate in the pipe that connects the dispenser to the basket and can cause entopimento-it happened here at home!

wash and dry lg-dispenser clogged

Image taken from Google Images, I couldn’t find the source:(

The fix was simple, remove the washer and dry LG is pretty easy, but only if your machine is not on the factory warranty, ok?

The video has the explanations and the walkthrough is here below:

1-remove the top cover.

2-drop the dispenser without taking it apart.

3-loosen the rubber hose and wash it

4-clean the pipe output to the drum: here rolled gambiarra with spoon and a caninho.

5-test if the water goes down without difficulty: it is normal to hold the flow hose because of the format in S.

6-putting it all together again.

I hope my experience will help you not to fall into that trap of internet tips. Bar soap in the wash and dry: never!