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Real life leadership | 8 lessons with Flavio Augusto (Wiseup and Orlando Soccer City)

Highlights of a weekend to hear about real-life leadership!

Reading tip:

  • If you like a complete history, read this entire text, even lazily.
  • If you want a general understanding, read only the bolded highlights.
  • If you want a short version, go to my LinkedIn :).

This theme of real-life leadership sounds like a self-help mix with the Pentecostal church. But today we are all led and lead in some sphere of life.

Be it at home, in the church, communities, businesses and social networks. We are all influencers and therefore leaders at some point.

Even more with the advent of coaches and gurus that we live. I bet you've seen yourself in the situation thatMatthew 15:14describes:

"… They are blind guides guiding the blind. If a blind man leads a blind man, they will both fall into the pit. "

That's why when I heard that the Flávio Augusto (@geracaodevalor) I would be at an event, I did not think twice! I went to check the energy of this fellow I've been following on the internet for 8 years!

Flávio was generous in talking about his personal life and career, always in a light way as a chat between friends.

Impossible not to admire the sweet love story for Luciana, his wife, and how they built the "right" way together. But also the weight in the hard words with those who expect "a savior" for all your problems. On the other hand, lavishing insights that proves that leadership is a necessary skill for everyone. And, sparing no lessons, talking about "indigestible" topics citing examples of his life on every topic.

Here I have brought together lessons that, to me, made sense of a real-life leadership!

1. If you are in a position of influence/leadership, you are responsible for the lives of the people around you.

It does not matter if you have a spotlight or job role. You are responsible and have to know its effect on the people and families around you.

Leadership for real life_ Flavio Augusto_Geracao_de_Valor (1)

I find it hard to see men talking about family, career and success. Even more knowing how much the corporate and IT market (where I work) can be rotten.

Most people want to shirk responsibility and its effects. Being responsible for the "human side" is grandiose. There are those who preach that no one is responsible for what the other understands, feels or does to justify their "bad character"

Another point that made me think a lot, was a fact that he shares still thinking about families.

2. In Brazil, a family that is now in the poorest 10% of the population, it takes 9 generations to climb to a middle class.

In my family's case, we are in the 3rd generation. Considering that I am still struggling for our daily bread, but, we have left the poverty line there for my 20 years.

The punch in my stomach came in the form of advice:

3. Do not let yourself be overcome by victimization.

Flávio is strict for anyone to expect meritocracy and not sit in the position of victim, see?

Justice and meritocracy do not exist period,he knows the disadvantage of being born poor and says it with all the letters.

He speaks with all the letters that there will NEVER be meritocracy while a trainee goes to work having studied English all his life, easy access to transport to compete with another who does not even want to be fed.

Without the same foundation, opportunities will never be the same! With that thought, he reinforces what he sums up my desire to study EVEN MORE in recent years.

Telling his parents' story, Flavio reinforces that social mobility comes from the study and that today the access to knowledge is a path without return.

"Social mobility only exists with access to study, whether formal or informal (self-taught)."

Bringing it to my reality, I know meritocracy does not exist in real life. I hear at least once a day that there is no justice and the corporate world is like this … I do not get used to it, but I do not sit down to see what happens.

Open quotation marks, for those who do not know me:

I grew up sharing clothes to go to school when my sister was wearing a blouse, I was cold. Vice-versa. Studying without material and hungry. Go to school for the snack, work/fight for the basics every day. I know what it is 3 hours of public transportation to get to work and be humiliated by it.

Even today, as I climbed a bit in the "food chain", meritocracy does not yet exist …

I still have to grate a lot every day to make up for my lack of foundation, study and marks in the curriculum. I'm not going to tell you how difficult it is to be a woman of "strong personality", not being in the pattern of "femininity" expected. Today it is no longer with the hunger that I fight every day, thank God. But I still struggle to have where to live, how to get around and structure my base of the pyramid[de Maslow] That, I'm sure few in my corporate environment live.

4) Success is a personal measure.

Within what Flavio means success, respect is vital. He says it's no use having the respect of coworkers and not your family, vice versa. There is no good professional and bad person, one hour that crosses, his values and character are exposed.

He tells several stories that prove how much respect for people who live near his essence is more important than charge. Even with so much success and money, he says that family respect is still his greatest metric. He talks about not risking this respect and his moral worth bases are critical to a long career and a full happy life.

5) Choose the company and the people you work with.

Allied to this, the importance of having our word always supported in our character and actions. He exemplifies talking about the "re-purchase" of Wiseup just to re-raise the network after the sale to Grupo Abril.

Ah, still about this negotiation he talks a lot about fulfilling our word to those who hurt (even in us).

6) To have an honest word is the difference of a good leader (of yourself and others).

Leaders who have words, conduct business/people in an honest way. Even in a competitive world full of dirt for money, status, and so on.

7) To lead is to be someone who shares knowledge through generosity and impulse of giving.

A person who does not retain what is good for himself is a born leader.

That is why sharing ideas, knowledge and information is a personal motivator. This blog proves it.

8) When no one gives you anything, give yourself!

I try to police myself so I will not be the person who points the finger without looking at my belly button. I believe that the only and best way becoming myself leader is investing in my improvement and doing for me. So that my blindness does not condemn me I remain an eternal apprentice. I value every opportunity to hear who has the most road and has traveled other ways. These are experiences like this lecture that allow me to see a different and often more motivating bias than my daily life.

Just to illustrate when Flávio Augusto, in flesh and blood, talked about swallowing judgment and disbelief, I was represented and I was moved!

Do for me, create my opportunities even without a pat on the back is what I try to do every day and have no other way, 32 years against the statistics!

I can say that on my way to being leader of my life this lecture was a balm of spirits!

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Healthy lunch-gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and oil-free.

A Sunday of these I got home, my mother and my godmother and I wanted to make a healthy lunch for them.

They deserve only the best and take care of them, even if only a little bit is a pleasure of my life.

I wanted to also show that you can make good food gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and oil-free.

The two are old ladies and their health calls for attention, but it's hard to change the shape of them cook and change the taste of those who live with them. For a day, I wanted to make a simple lunch, healthy and with everything that they always ate and cooked at home.

I believe more than talk in diet, which may or may not eat, you help more teaching by example.

If someone in your family needs improve habits make a healthy lunch for this person shows that you can eat well and with pleasure being healthy.

No pressure, eating with pleasure and lightness. Gradually becomes a habit and not a disease.

At home I have only healthy food options, with more natural ingredients and when Cook is just real food.

I moved and got for me that was the best move I made.

I'm not an expert in healthy cuisine, but the basic changes made in recent months helped my health and want to spread it to the world, starting with my family.

Of course I do my concessions, a good wine, soda every once in a while, chocolates, cakes and ice cream are my delight.

All well balanced and with moderation: this is the secret.

Returning to healthy lunch I adapted recipes for comfort food on Sunday, was healthy and heart, you know?

On my mother or godmother's House Sunday was day of pasta with chicken. This was the Special menu for everyone, I love passion!

I adapted with great simplicity-why am I not the beautiful Gil right mores? -in 1 hour a healthy lunch and dessert was served.

I chose a full gluten-free noodles with tomato sauce goatee and with mature gouda cheese-that has lactose, but only a little.

I have complemented with chopped vegetables and steamed and then sprinkled the spice. Green beans, carrots, asparagus and potatoes with a touch of black pepper, cumin and spices.

Almost everything was no salt added because the spices already give the flavor and when used salt, Himalayan pink salt was that is the one I have at home.

Healthy lunch-gluten-free, no sugar, no oils and dairy

The roasted chicken with potatoes, came from the butcher shop in the neighborhood. I dried the oil with paper towel, watered with flavored water vegetables and took him to the oven for drying more-take the oil. Serve to my guests without skin:)

Let tomatoes goatee on the table for those who wanted to have that tomato PLOC along with the food.

As life cannot be boring we had dessert with face of mother house, but with my adjustments.

Was rice pudding without refined sugar and all dairy-with condensed milk diet and lac. Mom went to stove to me, why the rice pudding is best in life and was delighted in how the IRS became lighter and nothing cloying, but thinks very expensive these products that I buy.

Sad reality:(I can only agree.

For afternoon tea, invented a banana cake gluten free, dairy free, no oil, no sugar. Recipe that I made up myself, I took the aquantidades of common homemade pasta and cakes was changing.

It was a Sunday delight, warm heart, full belly and eating clean!

The recipes are all my adjustments, in my head while I cook always show in the stories, there follows: lis. lifestyle.

How about you be inspired and make a healthy lunch for you and your family?

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A month to change | #30to30’s

I'll admit right off the bat: I'm getting old! Missing a month to change my age, my life, my habits and other things.

I lived the longest and earliest 30 crisis ever but entered officially in my astral hell last month to twenty-somethings.

I think in this moment for years and I put a huge pressure to mark this age, you know?

First I never had a birthday party in my life, one for me, all made just for me. There the idea of a party would be the most obvious and gave me super! Started planning, but desmotivei when I saw the work that I could reach my expectations!

Seriously! The person here leads parties very seriously to do just a muffin or ballad. I dream of these 30 years ago so long we couldn't be anyway.

I thought of a short trip, alone and to a place I don't know. That didn't happen because I couldn't get time off work. Obvious!

Then I thought about doing nothing because I was tired of trying to please me and I'm picky I know, a lot of work.

But, huh? I can't stand it! Missing a month to officially change my calendar of life and like every year the blog has always been part of my moments I'm here sharing with you.

I came up with a design, a month to change or #30paraos30 and after 3 months planning what would be the role of the blog and social networks that I think I'm ready to tell you.

The project did not have a name until 2 days ago when Talita Ribeiro, who is also pushing 30, inspired me.

Thus, the project 30 to the 30's is my celebration, my rite of passage that a month to change old!

What is the project?

In these 30 days I'm going to endeavor to change a lot of things about me, do other things, start activities and etc.

I believe that everything we do, think and talk over and over again, becomes an active energy within us and gives us strength and even power.

With this a month to change I want to reinforce good things for my new age.

Is nothing exceptional, but these things have a great importance for me, so help me sending good vibes, okay?

I split my challenges in areas of my life. Then came the blog, my behavior, my intellect, career, finance, health and body and several other things that I'm showing and telling as I am doing.

Follow on Instagram to accompany the stories in real time, but will always have a summary here on the blog!

a month to change-30 for 30

Those are just the challenges I can publish! I have a list of challenges so personal and intimate that I can't write here. But, I'm going to slowly counting.

Wish me luck and of course I'm accepting birthday gifts already < 3

#30to30's is the hashtag to follow posts in social networks. I've already started to share some news with her:)

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Sunscreen antiacne: Vichy Idéal Soleil Antiacne

Sunscreen for oily skin is hard to find, now sunscreen antiacne is suspect eh? Well, I have the skin more oily in the world and adult acne. Test the Vichy Idéal Soleil Antiacne was like Mission of honor, that if he wins, he wins either.

The Vichy developed this sunscreen antiacne, especially for Brazilian skin. It is therefore recommended for oily skins with a tendency to acne or acnes.

What it promises:

  • Proven effectiveness antiacne;
    High sun protection FPS30 and 17.8 ppd;
    Helps to reduce acne and pores;
    G anti-grease effectiveness;
    Controls the brightness and oils by 9 hours *.

* 53 test consumers, self-assessment after 9 hours of application.

The differential equation:

Powerful Antiacne Complex that assists in fighting acne formation cycle, its elements:
Salicylic acid: Promotes cell renewal in unclogging pores
LHA: Microesfoliação needs, helps prevent blackheads
NIACINAMIDE: Has anti-inflammatory action, acts by inhibiting the inflammatory lesions
Sebustop: is astringent and antiseptic. Ideal for the control of excess sebum and the “shiny” appearance of the skin.

My experience

I use Vichy a few years ago, I’m a fan of skin cleansers and moisturizers.

Use sunscreen every day before makeup and so it was that includes the Vichy Idéal Soleil Antiacne.

The texture of it is average but still light, nor too full-bodied not too liquid. Apply smoothly and the skin absorbs well. The first plus point is that it does not dry too fast about to flake off or get in the way of makeup. But, of course, as any touch protector dry rub against it “loose” a little.

Sunscreen antiacne: Vichy Idéal Soleil Antiacne

Second positive point: he won’t let the skin pale, he’s gone in seconds in the application. That’s rare in sunscreen for oily skin and mattifying.

He holds the shine and oiliness, in my case not for 9 hours. But, using a primer + matte makeup this effect is potentiated brightness and g anti-grease.

And the question of being a sunscreen antiacne?

I like to test everything for at least 1 month to give a very real in the ratings.

I’ve been using Vichy Idéal Soleil Antiacne just over 2 months and what happened in the real was:

I had more pimples after I started using it, but in my case, it’s not just the production of oils that interfere in acne. The adult acne skin takes getting used with products and this rebound effect.

Today, already out of 2 months I think the skin is used and the rebound effect decreasing.

My skin is not a parameter to evaluate the anti acne effect, unfortunately.

Sunscreen antiacne: Vichy Idéal Soleil Antiacne

But, with all this, I found the sunscreen antiacne of Vichy?

The control of oil was what won me over! But, the fact that I feel no burning or discomfort even with inflammation, is also a plus of Vichy.
It’s pretty hard to find a sunscreen that does not add oils in the skin and to hold the brightness throughout the day. The Vichy Idéal Soleil Antiacne did very well on my oily skin.

A third positive point, to close, it tube format. You can squeeze every last drop of the product to not waste.

In Kutiz Beauty has a discount coupon FLORDELIZ15 for use on purchases over 180 R$.